Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Something about Harry...

I feel like Harry is getting the short end of the stick around this here blog. It is not intentional, because I can assure you that Harry is very entertaining and loved a great deal. I think just by virtue of being older he just gives me less material!

There is some pretty big news I can share about Harry. Last week, we sent off for the Parental Instruction Pack for his Driver's Permit.

WHAT??? He's going to be driving?

Yes, he is going to be driving.

Soon. Very soon.

He has a birthday in a couple of months and would like to be far enough along on his at home driving program to be able to get his permit the day he turns 15.

I don't know what other states do, but in Texas you can either attend a professional driving school or your parent's can be responsible for teaching you to drive. Now if your parents are going to teach you that doesn't mean it is going to be easy or free. There are a few officially recommended on-line driving programs you have to buy. Then your student has to complete at least six hours of the on-line program before they can take their permit test. Once you get your permit, you have to finish the remaining 18 hours of on-line work and then log so many hours driving with an adult. It's a lot, and we are going to get started as soon as possible. I want Harry to have lots and lots of practice before we turn him loose on the streets.

Hubby will likely do the on road behind the wheel training. He has nerves of steel. I panic. So, I will be in charge of praying incessantly from now until he is 95 for his safety and good choices while he is behind the wheel. He needs both. I swear the idea of him driving makes my hands sweat so much they are slipping off the keys as I type.

How in the world did this sweet baby of mine get old enough to drive? Didn't we just leave the hospital with him?? More stories about this to come....

In other, less exciting and sucky run this morning was awful. As great as it was on Monday I was expecting good things. I was not expecting it to feel like the first time I had ever run. Did not expect to stop ten times. Did not expect for my feet to feel like they were surrounded by cinder blocks. Very disappointing, and I even had spaghetti for dinner last night. Isn't pasta supposed to be good before a run? Whatever, I am obviously not going to figure out the reasons behind the ups and downs of running, but I will get back after it on Friday and hope it is better.

Have an awesome day!! And be careful driving out there! Someone, somewhere sent their sweet baby out on the road today. Let's all be a little more courteous, a little more patient, give the cars around you some room to maneuver. Its the right thing to do.

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