Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who's Room is This?

Take a look at these pictures? Can you tell who sleeps in this room?

It is Chip, of course.

This table was made by Hubby's Dad, when Harold was two years old. He made it for Harold's Thomas the Train set and that train set lived on this table for at least four or five years. I loved the train set and it is safely packed away in the attic so that when I am a grandma we can drag that set out and play with it again.

After the train stage passed, this table went through many phases. It was a Robot table for a while, then it was transformed into a Lego table, then back to a Thomas the Tank table when Chip was small, then briefly a Rokenbok table, then back to Legos, then held a miniature electric train set for a while until it went back to Legos.

Well, the Legos have been packed up again. Not sure if it is forever or just another temporary stop in the closet. Now it is a wrestling table.

A hard core wrestling table. Four arenas, more figures than you can count, breakable tables, chairs and ladders.

Regardless of what sits on it, I love this table and will have it forever.

So, back to wrestling. Let me share some information with you. This here is the Prison Break Bamboo Cell. What???

Who makes a Prison Break Bamboo Cell for kids?

I don't know, but it is sitting in Chip's room now.

This is Chip's favorite Rey Mysterio going for the Money in the Bank briefcase. He wins just about all of his matches in Chip's room. He's pretty lucky that Rey.

This is Chip's bed.
Check out the wrestling belts hanging on his bunk bed ladder.
Isn't that a crack up?

You know what else is a crack up?

This morning, before school, Chip and I watched the finale of Monday Night Raw that he had taped from last night. After Chip had gone to school, Harold came down stairs for breakfast and this is what I said to him.

Mom: Good Morning Harold, do you want to know who won the Steel Cage match?
Harold: Huh?
Mom: The Steel Cage match last night on Raw.
Harold: Uh, I guess.
Mom: It was Randy Orton. He beat Shamus and Wade Barrett, although CM Punk helped out unofficially when he came out and kicked Wade Barrett in the head as he was crawling out. So now CM Punk is the head of Nexus.
Harold: Cool.

Harold was a little bleary eyed or I am sure he would have been more enthusiastic.

This alarm clock is the icing on the cake. It sits right next to Chip's head and when it goes off it talks in some big time wrestling voices. He loves it.

This phase will last for a while, but as I have learned and mentioned here before...this too shall pass.

In all my purging and cleaning this weekend we emptied out the toy closet and toy box. The boys didn't want to keep hardly anything. There are just a few random toys remaining in the big red bucket. The old toy box that has held toys for the last fourteen years was taken empty out to the curb.

I can't hardly believe it.

The big red bucket has overflowed with toys for years and years and now it holds just a few swords, a variety of balls and a couple of random stuffed animals. It's very sad.

They are growing up so fast and I intend to enjoy the wrestling stage while it lasts. We will laugh about it in ten years. About how Chip was obsessed with all things wrestling. He will be able to name a handful of wrestlers, but the rest will just fade with time.

For now, Rey Mysterio can 6-1-9 all he wants in Chip's room. I just hope he brings down that stupid "The Miz". I can't stand that guy.

Have a great day all!

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