Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend in Review

Nice weekend around these parts. Aren't they all?

Chip had his last basketball game at 9:00 on Saturday morning and his first baseball game at 2:00 that same afternoon. Double duty!

He really enjoyed basketball season, but for is where it is at. It was like a reunion out there at the ballpark seeing all the families you only see during baseball season. All the little kids in their new clean uniforms.

Here is Chip in his new uniform. They are the Rangers this year.

Hitting some wiffle balls before the game.

Total concentration.


Throw me another one.

During warm-ups, Chip hit Brandon in the head. Not intentionally, but regardless that hurts. I felt bad for the little fellow. I know Chip did too. He was okay, but he had a knot on his noggin.

During the game Chip smashed two giant hits.

One was a majestic long ball that went over everyone's head. The other was a screamer line drive to the outfield.

Sadly, he was thrown out at third both times trying to stretch a double into a triple. He was not happy. I think this season, playing in the higher division there are going to be more and more defensive plays made by the other team. It won't be the regular circus act of balls flying all over the infield that we might have become accustomed to! It's going to be more competitive, but more fun I think too!

This weekend Harry and his buddies (like RV here) became addicted to playing with a Hacky Sack. My sweet Harry was almost crippled on Saturday from doing it so much.

Even Pooty was getting in on the action! It is great exercise and very challenging. Harry has improved a ton since he started. He mainly hits it with his right leg though so I'm pretty worried he is going to have one ginormous leg and one toothpick.

Sunday afternoon we got busy working on Chip's Abe Lincoln Biography project. We had to cut out a Chip size body.

Laid him down on the dining room table.

Traced all around his body. He was a little more ticklish that I expected, which means Abe had a few more wiggly lines than I was expecting!

We printed Abe's face off on the computer, drew on a suit and got busy coloring it in.

Chip was working hard. The going in all different directions with the crayon was making me a little crazy, but I stayed quiet and let him work his magic.

It was a big coloring project.

Look at this sweet picture. I will post more of the final results when he gets finished with Abe.

Chip also has to prepare a presentation about Abe and dress himself up as Abe when he presents to his class. How am I going to turn this cherub into a 6'4" dark haired heavy side burned president? It is going to take every crafting gene in my body.

While we were working on Abe, Harry went for a little run. He is training to join the cross country team next year. He is working hard and running pretty regularly so I hope it starts to get easier.

It was grossly humid when he was out running and he came back yelling down the street while I was taking this picture...'It was so hard'. I know how you feel buddy. Really and truly.

After our super cold weather week followed by a week of being sick, my running was as hard as it was the first time. I had a decent run this morning, but can't wait to build back up to running the whole 3 mile loop again. I'll get there. A little patience. A little persistence.

But seriously, why is it so easy to lose the progress you make and so dang hard to get it back!! Makes me so mad. Anyways, back to the weekend....

Chip needed a haircut desperately. Harry wanted to look at new cell phones desperately. He has a birthday coming up and that is the only thing he wants. We head out to accomplish those two things.

Haircut place had a line a mile long. Groans all around. We bail on that and head over to TMobile. Harry has only had his phone for 10 months so not able to upgrade without paying full price. Groan from one almost fifteen year old. We bail on that. Errands were scraped.

Instead we went swimming at the YMCA. That was fun. Waaaaaayyyy better than getting a haircut for sure! Wrapped up the weekend with a fun dinner out with the V family.

I really enjoy weekends just like this one, but it has sure felt like Monday ALL DAY LONG today. In fact, I see a glass of wine in my immediate future! That is a great way to put a Monday to bed!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exercising - Mind, Body and Spirit

Deep Subject, huh? Sounds deep anyway. Around here, its not really that deep but let's just review.

I am working on a new contract award under which I am going to have six new subcontractors. It is always difficult to make sure that you understand the requirements of the prime contract, flow down everything that is necessary to the subs and to establish procedures for how things are going to work on new efforts. This one is no exception. Reading the contract, re-reading the contract, making notes, asking questions. Negotiating. Makes my head hurt. In a good way.

I have ramped up the exercise around here over the last couple of weeks. Joined the YMCA. Started taking some fitness classes, riding my bike, swimming and still getting in an early morning walk/run. Here is a little peek at my effort over the last week:

Wednesday: Walked (3 Miles - 50 Minutes) Body Combat Class (1 Hour)
Thursday: Walked (3 Miles - 50 Minutes) Body Pump Class (1 Hour)
Friday: Walked (3 Miles - 50 Minutes)
Saturday: Biked with Friends(16 Miles - 1 Hour 15 Minutes)
Biked with Chip (3 Miles - 40 Minutes)
Sunday: Biked to Blockbuster (8 Miles - 45 Minutes)
Swam Laps (50 Lengths - 45 Minutes)
Monday: Walk/Run (3 Miles - 50 Minutes)
Biked to Walgreens (2.5 Miles - 12 Minutes)
Tuesday: Walked (3 Miles - 50 Minutes)
Biked with Karen to Lake (11.5 Miles 1 Hour)
Body Pump Class (60 Minutes)

That's about 50ish miles and 12ish hours of exercise in 7 days. Not bad. Not bad at all. Keeping it up? Difficult but necessary.

I am still working on a Beth Moore Bible Study that is just nourishment for your soul. She is truly a gifted, gifted individual. This particular study is called "Fruit of the Spirit" and it speaks to me. Yesterday's lesson was on joy. Being joyous. Feeling joy. The kind of joy that makes your heart swell and feel like it is going to burst into a million pieces. The kind of joy you felt when you laid eyes on your baby for the first time. That kind of joy. It was also about serving. Serving others. How much joy that can bring. It does too. I am officially going to be the craft girl for the Lakeside outreach program. Every other month or so I get to come up with a craft (like the Milk Jug Bunnies and decoupage crafts) for the residents to work on. I get to take my ideas, share them, help them make a little something, get my creative juices flowing. That makes me happy. I love doing it and maybe it can bring a little joy, give a little joy, spread some joy.

I feel like I am stretching, growing, improving in lots of areas of my life. It feels good.

On a much lighter note, Chip came out of school Monday and the first thing out of his mouth was "I hate the Government." I, of course, immediately go into lecture mode. "Chip, we don't hate. The Government does a lot of good for a lot of people. Why would you say that?" He says "It is the first word I missed on a spelling test all year. I didn't know it was GoverNment."

Harry had to sign up for his sophomore classes this week. It was a couple of hours of torturous angst and serious discussions. What Pre-AP classes to take? Pre-AP Chemistry, Pre-AP Algebra II, Pre-AP English II? Does he take AP World History, a college class for a college credit or not? Spanish III? How much can he handle? How much should he have to handle? Why is this so stressful? Should you really have to worry about what college you are going to get into at 14? It is too much. Seriously, just hard and really shouldn't be. I hope we made the right choices for him. I seriously, seriously do. I wish he could go back to a more simple way back in 1984 when all you worried about was if you had a top locker or bottom locker and whether you had any friends to sit with during your lunch period. Those were the days.

Hope you have an awesome day and find a little joy in your world.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life's Most Embarrassing Moments

I had one happen today.

I was speed shopping at the grocery store - repeating "stamps, stamps, stamps" over and over in my head because I knew I was going to forget to get them.

I was just about done shopping and had gotten way more than I went to the store for, but that is pretty typical. I go for Lucky Charms and Toilet Paper and walk out of there $140 later with 12 bags of stuff.

So anyway, I was on the last aisle of my shopping frenzy when this store employee starts calling after me. She is being followed by a frazzled looking woman pushing a baby in a stroller and they look like they are on a mission.

She asks me if I have lost my cart.

I look at her kind of weird, because Hello....I am standing here with my hands on my cart.

She rephrases it and says "Is this your cart?" and she is pointing to my cart.

Again, I am terribly confused.

Finally, I take a good look at my cart and say "Oh my goodness, my purse is missing!"

She says "It's not missing, we have it at the front of the store. You must have accidently switched carts with this lady here. We have been paging you over the store intercom and looking all over for you."

OMG - I was mortified.

I felt so bad.

It happened in the milk department. I remembered the lady because I had to work around her because she was pushing the baby stroller and her cart and the milk she needed was way on the bottom shelf and she couldn't reach it. She was talking to the invisible men that work behind the milk asking them if they could push it forward so she could reach it.

I guess I got my milk, threw it in the cart I thought was mine and went on my merry way. She had bacon, I had bacon. She had green grapes, I had green grapes.

Didn't realize for five aisles that my stupid purse wasn't buried under my produce.

Anyway, the lady was so nice. Upon closer inspection of her cart she had all kinds of stuff that I didn't pick. Wouldn't I have been confused when I started unloading food I didn't put in my cart up on the belt. And no purse. It could have been even worse.

I had to take the walk of shame up to the front of the store to unload all the stuff I had added to her cart and put it back in my own cart. Embarrassing.

I wonder if that happens alot? Probably not.

I apologized all over myself and she said "It happens, please don't worry about it."

I wanted to hug her.

I am happy to report that even after all the excitement - I remembered STAMPS!

It is the little victories that mean so much.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Easter Crafts

This post is for my mother - we are kindred craft geeks. I talked to her several times over the weekend brain storming some craft ideas I was working on. So, this is all about the crafts!

If you despise stores like Hobby Lobby or glue makes you sneeze or you haven't cut out a pattern since first grade or you just hate all things yourself a favor and stop reading right now. I want you to come back, though. Just spare yourself the cute bunnies, ric rac ribbon and pom pom noses.

So anyway, if you are still with me I spent some time this weekend working up some ideas for a craft we could do with the residents of Lakeside Apartments. Remember when I went with my friend Martha to that subsidized apartment complex downtown and met some wonderful people. Well, I am planning to go again in March and the nice lady who runs the show asked me if I had any ideas for a craft we could do.

I wish I could tell you how much fun it was for me - I just loved it.

Let me show you what I came up with!

First, I found this cute idea on-line for a bunny rabbit made from a gallon milk jug. The one I saw was spray painted and glittered on the outside, but I was just working up a prototype and didn't want to invest in the paint and glitter if we didn't decide to do this one. It took me literally ten minutes to do the entire thing from washing it out, cutting it, sticking on the eyes, ears, nose and feet. Super easy and I think just precious.

Isn't he cute? I called him Peter. Peter Rabbit.

I even stuck on a big ol' fluffy tail to his backside.

After that success, I started fooling around with decoupage on cardboard. I destroyed my dining room. I had glue and cardboard pieces from one end of it to the other, but boy did I enjoy it.

I think Mod Podge should change its name to "Fun in a Bottle". I have already started to think about decoupaging the backs of my kitchen surface will be safe in my house after this weekend.

I cut lots of different shapes out of cardboard, like this bunny head. We are going for an Easter/Spring theme for the craft day so this seemed appropriate.

Covered it with a layer of Mod Podge.

Started sticking white tissue paper over it. Layering it with more Mod Podge and more tissue. It dried really fast since the cardboard was so porous.

Once I had the tissue all in place, one final thin layer of Mod Podge over the whole thing. Let it dry.

Added some wiggly eyes, a nose and some whiskers. I think looking at this picture that he probably needs a mouth too. I think I could either draw it on with a marker or find a button or something to stick on it. I used a pipe cleaner to make the hanger, but might use wire and raffia like I did on some later projects if we go with this one.

I made this cross with a solid sheet of scrapbook paper. Same idea, glued it on, Mod Podged over it.

This cross was made with tissue paper and I bedazzled it with a giant gemstone. I really liked the cardboard showing through in spots on this one.

This one I photographed completely crooked, but tilt your head to the right and it is better. For this one, I took two different coordinating scrapbook pages, tore them into small pieces and glued them kind of haphazardly all over the cross. I really liked this one. It was really thick and substantial.

Then I made this little square picture. The background is a napkin and then I put a little Easter cutout on top, decoupaged the whole thing, added some ric rac trim and I thought it was super cute.

My final prototype was an Easter Egg. It went kind of Hawaiian on me, but I still kind of liked it.

Bottom line...the possibilities are endless if you have some cardboard and Mod Podge. Fun, easy and CHEAP!!

Why can't I just make crafts for a living?

Friday, February 18, 2011

From the Backseat

We were driving somewhere last weekend, I think to the Toros basketball game, and had some funny stuff coming from our backseat that I thought I would share. It was about lunch time, so our plan was to grab some lunch before the game. We didn't leave much time for eating so it was going to have to be a drive through.

We head towards the arena and with lunch on his mind Hubby takes a right on a road that is not the normal way to the arena.

Flashback to Harry's recent concern that when he eventually gets his license he is worried that he won't know how to get anywhere in our town. He really zones out in the car and has no concept of direction or distance. He has been to the ballpark a million times, but I am not sure he could tell you how to get there. Obviously as a sports obsessed boy, his main concern is getting to sporting events, so for this drive to the Toros game I guess he was trying to pay particularly close attention to where his Dad was turning.

So Hubby takes a right off the main road to jet over to Sonic, and from the backseat Harry starts saying "Where are we? Is this the normal way we go? I don't recognize this? Have I ever gone this way before?" It was so comical to us, because he has never, not ever, given a rip which direction we ever went. Now he is super in touch with every turn.

So anyway, we pull up to this stoplight to turn into Sonic. Harry is looking out his window and sees a car coming up to the intersection going the other direction and it is a sports car (he is particularly drawn to these for some reason). The car is approaching the intersection a little faster than most people would, but in plenty of time to come to safe stop. We hear Harry from the backseat "Woah, did you see that guy? He's a pro." After all that bucking and stalling and revving and rolling in the Jeep he has a new appreciation for people who make it look easy and seamless.

We pull into Sonic and we are all still chuckling and laughing a bit. Hubby pulls into the first slot he comes to and starts looking over the menu. He suddenly realizes he is in a Handicapped spot. He starts to back up and Chip says "What are you doing dad?" Hubby says "I accidentally parked in a handicapped spot, so I am moving." Chip says "Oh Dad you didn't have to move, I could have just crossed my eyes when she came to bring us our food." Totally unacceptable to think that crossing your eyes makes you a handicapped person, but we cracked up. Then there was much eye crossing and other totally inappropriate handicap faking. Bad, bad boys.

When rapped up our 15 minute drive to the Toros game adventure with a complete lunch ordering fiasco and I am not sure anyone got what they wanted.

Hubby: Do you want fries or tater tots?
Harry: Onion rings.
Hubby: We will take one order of fries.

Hubby: Chip, what do you want to drink?
Chip: Small Rootbeer.
Hubby: We need a small coke.

I think Hubby may need to get his hearing aid checked or just quit asking questions and order whatever he wants people to have. It would be a whole lot easier.

While all this carrying on was happening the boys were like "Are you going to blog about this?" I told them I would. So now I have.

Hopefully we can look back at these posts one day and still be able to remember how hard we laughed and how corny we can be just doing our everyday living.

So glad it is Friday! Hope the weekend treats you well!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What Decade Is This?

Last night my husband had made arrangements for a guy to come by that was selling electricity in the neighborhood.

But guess what?

Hubby wasn't here. He was at practice.

I was a sweaty mess from a gym workout, dashed home to get dinner on the table for after practice. Spaghetti sauce was cooking on the stove, noodles were boiling away and the rolls were in the oven.


Oh crap. I knew the guy was supposed to come by, but his timing was terrible. I had stuff going on.

Come on in. Here is our electric bill from last month, give me some numbers on how you can save us money while I get a few things settled in the kitchen.

I turned off the sauce, drained the noodles, covered them, pulled the rolls out of the oven and went back to see what he had.

Starts off bad. He is giving me all this history about deregulation in the utility industry and how now customers can shop around. All good, but let's get to the good stuff. What's your price and what kind of savings would it be on the volume of electricity we use in this house?

He starts explaining the pricing to me, and gets a real condescending tone in his voice. Like it is real complicated for me to understand that the base price is a higher percentage of the cost if you use less electricity, but if you use more electricity the base price is a lower percentage of the costs.

I totally grasped the concept before he even started explaining it. I work with numbers, rates and percentages all day long in my job. And Hello...I went through 8th grade algebra last year dude.

So I nod along, giving him a visual that I understand. And he looks at me and says "I know it seems complicated, but it is really just basic math."

Thank you, jack***. What else?

Are there any hidden fees? Is Oncor still going to be my provider? Any cost for us to switch? How long have you been in business?

He answers my questions again in this tone that tells me he doesn't really think my girly little brain can handle this kind of information.

Then it got worse...there is a $150 visa card rebate that they give you for switching. Great. Not really a factor in the decision, but based on the cost savings I tell him we will do it.

The rebate you have to hold on to for six months then send it in with your monthly bill and they send you the gift card. He says to me...and I am not exaggerating or making this up "Your husband probably has a computer at work and you can ask him to put a reminder in his Outlook so this doesn't get lost."

I looked at him like he had five heads.

I have three computers sitting on my desk, ten feet away from this dining room, and my husband hardly remembers his own birthday so I feel pretty sure that I can keep up with the damn rebate coupon. Thanks again.

Then he says "I think we should tell your husband that he should take you out for a nice dinner for doing all this hard work and saving him all this money."

I wanted to punch him in the face.

Is that wrong?

We wrap up the deal. I have to go through the whole phone call thing where they verify you want to make the change and understand the terms. Yes, Yes, robot survey guys 87 questions. Got it.

In walks Hubby, dirty from practice, Chip is buzzing with news to tell me and he is starving. I get busy finishing up dinner, knowing Hubby can wrap up the exchange with the bozo. I hear them chatting about sports and the bozo is telling Hubby all about the wonderful savings, etc.

Hubby walks him out and walks into the kitchen and says "That guy was so nice."

I about spit my water across the room and started re-telling our interaction to the boys. I might have over exaggerated a bit to them, but they were rolling on the floor laughing at my re-enactment of this guy treating me like a little housewife from the 60s.

I honestly thought during the exchange with the bozo that this is what it must have felt like to be a woman in the 60s. Then I remembered an incident with my first boss at SAIC. She was a woman. She was brilliant, fabulous, smart as a whip and making the big bucks. Her husband was a stay at home dad. It was the 80s when I worked for her. She went to a little dealership in Tennessee to buy a car and they so much as told her to come back when she had her husband with her and they could talk. She obviously didn't buy from them, but it just chapped her good.

Now, I don't think the electricity bozo is a bad guy. He was personable enough. I am sure his momma raised him to be a nice, kind respectable fellow, but I am not sure I have ever felt quite so belittled, even if it wasn't malicious.

Anyway, that's my vent for the day. I saved my husband some money last night. When he gets home today I am going to ask him if he will let me use some of his savings to buy me a new vacuum or that red apron on sale at Woolworth's.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shake, Rattle and Roll

You know how I have mentioned several times over the last couple of weeks that the frequency and urgency that Harold has been talking about driving has been on the increase? It still is.

Not sure if I should even write this in a public forum...but Hubby has been letting Harry drive in the hood a little bit. Harry doesn't have his permit yet. He can't get it until next month. I know that is illegal. Even dangerous. I wonder if the traffic police search random public blogs to find out if people are breaking the law by letting their children drive early. I hope not, but honestly I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if I get a knock on the door this afternoon by some uniformed cop writing us a citation. Things like that happen to us.

Anyway, Harry has been begging to drive so Hubby had a great idea to take him up to the empty office parking lot by our house and let him get some practice. In the Jeep. The Jeep is a stick shift. That means it is not automatic. You know the old shifting gears, let the clutch out, press on the gas, finding the sweet spot that allows you to move forward without stalling out, bucking the car too violently, revving the engine too much or peeling out on the asphalt. Hubby thought it would also be nice to drag Harry's friend RV into our illegal shenanigans. In fact, let's just have the whole family join in. It will be fun.

It was.

And a little scary. And a little sad.

We arrive and the boys are jazzed. It is a Chinese fire drill getting little people in the front and big boys in the back.

Not sure that I understand how it is smart to let the two novice drivers sit in the front, but hey I am not the instructor, merely the camera man.

I did voice my concern though. More than once. I was assured that they weren't going to go fast and that the dad's could easily reach the emergency brake from the back seat.


What about the steering wheel? Can you reach that?

SIDE NOTE: Mom, you can take a deep breath here. There was no need for the grabbing of the emergency brake during this exercise. There will be no picture posted on this blog of the aftermath of a car accident. It is safe to continue reading.

EXPLANATION OF SIDE NOTE: We are worriers. We worry. We sometimes make ourselves sick with worry. Just wanted to get Lana to a happy ending so she wouldn't have to even consider worrying. You are welcome.


The boys are in. Mirrors are being adjusted. Dads are firing instructions, warnings, directions from the backseat. Dads are also strapping themselves in, making "I'm SCARED to death" faces out of the back window, holding their necks steady to prepare for the shake, rattle and rolling.

Peggy and I are standing on the blacktop beside the car, talking, laughing when suddenly and almost simultaneously we are hit with the realization that in less than a year this will be our reality. We got kinda weepy. Certainly happy and excited for them to take on this new driving challenge but that just means they are another milestone closer to being adults. The full force reality that these boys who started Kindergarten together, now sitting side by side in a Jeep learning how to drive just got to us. They are growing up so fast. Turning into great young men that were once our tiny little babies.

God, I could just lay my head down on my desk and have a good cry right now.

Must be because I am still a little puny and only got 1.45 hours of sleep last night. I slept in 5 minute increments, between Chips coughs so it was easy to keep track. I don't have the mental fortitude the think about Harry not living in my house, eating me out of a gallon of Goldfish every other day. It is beyond my capacity right now.

Back to driving....

They rocked it. They drove around and around that office building. They practiced parking. They practiced slamming on their brakes. They bucked a little, stalled a time or two, but really did much better than I think anyone expected. Especially them.

It was a success.

Then I made Harry come home and sit in my lap and talk about the Thomas the Train engines he used to love. Just teasing.

I do however find myself staring at him when he doesn't notice. Trying to lock in one more mental photograph of him at this very exact moment. Something I can file away and drag back out of my memory box whenever I need a Harry fix. God, I LOVE THAT KID.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Salvaging Valentine's Day

Me and my little Chipmunk are sick on this Valentine's Day 2011. Congested, hoarse, coughing, sneezing and carrying on. Mine started on Friday and I was hoping it was allergies or something. Sadly, Chip woke up this morning with similar symptoms with a bonus low grade fever. Perhaps something contagious then?

Look at his sweet little face and red, rosy cheeks. Poor buddy.

As much as this guy likes to miss school he was very disappointed that he was going to miss his class Valentine Party. You only get a few parties a year and this was a good one. There is candy. Say no more.

He had worked on his Valentine Box over the weekend and thought Mr. Bradley was going to love it. It was a basketball.

We started with a plain round box that I got at Hobby Lobby.

Chip got busy on Friday afternoon covering it with paint.

We let it dry overnight.

Giving him plenty of time to address his class valentine cards and get them ready.

He finished it up on Sunday morning. He wanted to cut a big hole in the top for his classmates to deliver his Valentines. We drew lines on the box to make it look like a basketball and then wrapped it up by gluing NBA logos on it. He couldn't wait to show his friends.

Sad boy.

This morning he said, "Mom this could be the worst Valentine's Day ever."

To brighten his spirits a little I let him decorate the kitchen table for our Valentine dinner tonight.

We put out a candle and Valentine plates, napkins and cups. He had made each of us a Valentine Card at school with the sweetest notes ever written on the back. I hole punched those and hung them from the chandelier. He was so proud.

We spread lots of felt hearts and Valentine M&Ms on the table.

Next I cut out some paper hearts and told him to write whatever Valentine words he wanted on them. We were going to add those to the chandelier too.

He was very precise about the placement of the candle and little table decorations. Wanted to light the candle at 10:30 this morning for our 6:00 dinner.

He wrote *Love*, *Hugs*, *Kissing*, *Sweets*, *Treats* and *The Kiss Cam* on his hearts and we hung them on the chandelier too.

He can't wait for Harry and Dad to get home so he can show them his work.

I think it helped turn his frown upside down. It sure did mine.

Now to figure out how to get rid of this stupid crud we have.

I'm over it. Big Time.

Lots more fun stuff to recap from the weekend, but for now I am going to go lay down and clear my throat with Chip. He thinks we should go try out for American Idol since our voices sound so weird. I don't think that sounds like a very good idea at all. Fingers crossed no one else gets it.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend Warmup

The sun is shining and the skies are blue, but it is still cold out there! Warmer weather on the way for the weekend though! Getting up close to 70 degrees! YEA!!!!

This morning before Harold went to school he gave me a hug. It was a good hug. Then he backed away from me and I realized we were standing eye to eye. What? He is as tall as me as of this morning. Don't know how that happened. He said "Let me take my shoes off." He did. I took mine off too. Eye to eye. He was so happy.

Separate mini message to my Mom and Dad: Be on the lookout for a Travel Journal to arrive in your mailbox. It is from Chip. We need you to write about your town and then mail a postcard to his class from Alabama. I am late getting it out and he is desperate to have a postcard arrive. Then you have to pass it on to someone else. Let's get this kid some postcards on the wall. Thank you.

Back to the business at hand! We are going to see the Toros Basketball game on Saturday. That should be fun.

Otherwise, we have some crafting to do on the Valentine's Box project for Chip. I think he has settled on it being a basketball. Went to Hobby Lobby to get a circle box today and we will for sure post pictures when it is done!

Hope your weekend is full of lots of sunshine and all the things that make you happy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pottery Revealed

I picked up my platter today from the Ceramics Lodge. I love it. It is imperfect and I colored outside the lines. I am going to use it tonight for a big platter of pasta.

What do you think?

A little closer view.

In this one you can really see how perfectly imperfect it is.

This is Karen's platter. Isn't it cool?

I might try this technique next time.

Signing off. Must go see if the chicken I started thawing out three days ago is finally thawed out enough to cook for dinner! Trying to wrestle frozen guts out of the middle of a whole frozen chicken is not a fun gig! Why do they put those in there anyway? Does anyone use the parts inside the chicken? I wish they sold them with and without the guts inside so you could choose. I just want to shove a couple lemons and some rosemary in the cavity without having to deal with a heart, liver and other various organs and parts.

I'm going to write my congressman and see if we can get something going with this suggestion.

Who is my congressman?

I am so politically uninformed.

Maybe I will try soaking it in a sink full of cold water. Or using a pair of pliers. Or maybe a jackhammer. Or a laser. I am full of really great ideas.