Friday, February 4, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

I am excited to be marking #27 off of my 50 Things To Do Before I am 50 list.

Last night, I endured the blustery, wintry, chilly, willy temperatures to go to the Ceramics Lodge for a little art fix! It is a paint your own pottery place and it was so much fun!!

My friend Karen and I arrived at the little shop about 5:30 and started looking for some inspiration of what we could paint. I had a platter in mind and Karen wasn't sure what she wanted to do. The very nice lady who owns the place, we called her "Teacher" was very helpful in directing us to some idea books and showing us different methods we could use on whatever we decided to paint.

I found a bowl that was already painted in the shop that had a great little design on it. I used that as my inspiration to free hand some olive leave type design on the big shallow bowl I picked.

I started sketching out some branches.

The big water spot is the erasing what I didn't like. I finished up the pencil sketch and then it was time to paint.

The Teacher showed me a easy and cool way to make leaves with a paint brush. She was demonstrating it to me and I was like a little kid wanting to grab that paint brush out of her hand and do it myself! I got it, I got it, let me do it! Now I know where Chip gets his impatience.

Painting on the leaves. Trying to put different layers of thickness to give the leaves some dimension. The Teacher told me that.

Then on to the purple olive/berry thingies. Pretty sure "thingies" isn't a word, but it is how I am going to describe them.

Proud of my painting.

A special shout out to Karen for having a phone that can take pictures. How in the world I forgot my camera I will never know!! Very unlike me to travel without it!

Then came the coolest part! Outlining the leaves and olive/berry thingies! Cannot wait to pick up the fired piece next week!

I will wait until then to show you the final product!

It was so much fun. Much easier than I would have imagined!

Karen made a platter with beautiful oak leaves on it. It was a cool method where she sponged all these fall colors all over the platter, then laid leaf cutouts on top, then covered the whole thing top and bottom with a beautiful red color. She didn't send me any pictures of her platter so I could show you, but I will get one when I pick them up next week!

While we were waiting on our pieces to dry, the "Teacher" was showing us some fused glass jewelry that she makes. I think that is next on my radar! I like me some jewelry and this stuff was so unique and beautiful!

Warning to all: Don't be surprised if you get some ceramics for Christmas next year!

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