Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I love how I get obsessed with the weather when it gets drastically weird. The weather in the Mid-west has exactly zero impact on me personally, but I love watching the stories of how much snow is falling, freezing ice creating difficulties like those never seen before, the biggest storm in the history of the world, crossing 1800 miles, more than a foot of snow will fall in 14 states.

Here I sit in my home office. Not going anywhere. Not traveling to the mid-west. No plans that will be impacted by the weather situation. Not expecting an important delivery from that part of the country. Don't have relatives that are in the thick of it either.

Still interested.

Now, here locally we have had a major change in weather. Yesterday it was 80 degrees. That's right. January 31st, 80 degrees and sunny. Beautiful.

Today, the high will be in the 30's and the low is going all the way down to 17. Don't even get me started on the wind. Whew, it is windy. Makes it seem even colder than it is.

How do I know this? Have I been outside?

Well, no actually I haven't. We cancelled our walking plans because the rain that brought the cold weather was scheduled to come through sometime between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. It did. So, I am still in my slippers. But I do open the kitchen door occasionally for my dog to go out. And I did wave goodbye at the front door as my children left for school.

Brrrrrrr....it is cold. I cranked the heat up a little. The thermostat says it is the same temperature in here today as it was yesterday, but it just feels colder.

I will get the full force of the cold this afternoon when I go pick up Chip from school. I think I might go through the car line. I never do that. Today I might. I will have to get there early to beat the other weather wimps.

Until then, I am working with one ear tuned in to The Weather Channel!

P.S. Don't whisper a word of this to the kids, but there is a slight, slight, minuscule chance of some snowy precipitation here on Thursday! YIPPEEE!!!!

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