Thursday, February 24, 2011

Exercising - Mind, Body and Spirit

Deep Subject, huh? Sounds deep anyway. Around here, its not really that deep but let's just review.

I am working on a new contract award under which I am going to have six new subcontractors. It is always difficult to make sure that you understand the requirements of the prime contract, flow down everything that is necessary to the subs and to establish procedures for how things are going to work on new efforts. This one is no exception. Reading the contract, re-reading the contract, making notes, asking questions. Negotiating. Makes my head hurt. In a good way.

I have ramped up the exercise around here over the last couple of weeks. Joined the YMCA. Started taking some fitness classes, riding my bike, swimming and still getting in an early morning walk/run. Here is a little peek at my effort over the last week:

Wednesday: Walked (3 Miles - 50 Minutes) Body Combat Class (1 Hour)
Thursday: Walked (3 Miles - 50 Minutes) Body Pump Class (1 Hour)
Friday: Walked (3 Miles - 50 Minutes)
Saturday: Biked with Friends(16 Miles - 1 Hour 15 Minutes)
Biked with Chip (3 Miles - 40 Minutes)
Sunday: Biked to Blockbuster (8 Miles - 45 Minutes)
Swam Laps (50 Lengths - 45 Minutes)
Monday: Walk/Run (3 Miles - 50 Minutes)
Biked to Walgreens (2.5 Miles - 12 Minutes)
Tuesday: Walked (3 Miles - 50 Minutes)
Biked with Karen to Lake (11.5 Miles 1 Hour)
Body Pump Class (60 Minutes)

That's about 50ish miles and 12ish hours of exercise in 7 days. Not bad. Not bad at all. Keeping it up? Difficult but necessary.

I am still working on a Beth Moore Bible Study that is just nourishment for your soul. She is truly a gifted, gifted individual. This particular study is called "Fruit of the Spirit" and it speaks to me. Yesterday's lesson was on joy. Being joyous. Feeling joy. The kind of joy that makes your heart swell and feel like it is going to burst into a million pieces. The kind of joy you felt when you laid eyes on your baby for the first time. That kind of joy. It was also about serving. Serving others. How much joy that can bring. It does too. I am officially going to be the craft girl for the Lakeside outreach program. Every other month or so I get to come up with a craft (like the Milk Jug Bunnies and decoupage crafts) for the residents to work on. I get to take my ideas, share them, help them make a little something, get my creative juices flowing. That makes me happy. I love doing it and maybe it can bring a little joy, give a little joy, spread some joy.

I feel like I am stretching, growing, improving in lots of areas of my life. It feels good.

On a much lighter note, Chip came out of school Monday and the first thing out of his mouth was "I hate the Government." I, of course, immediately go into lecture mode. "Chip, we don't hate. The Government does a lot of good for a lot of people. Why would you say that?" He says "It is the first word I missed on a spelling test all year. I didn't know it was GoverNment."

Harry had to sign up for his sophomore classes this week. It was a couple of hours of torturous angst and serious discussions. What Pre-AP classes to take? Pre-AP Chemistry, Pre-AP Algebra II, Pre-AP English II? Does he take AP World History, a college class for a college credit or not? Spanish III? How much can he handle? How much should he have to handle? Why is this so stressful? Should you really have to worry about what college you are going to get into at 14? It is too much. Seriously, just hard and really shouldn't be. I hope we made the right choices for him. I seriously, seriously do. I wish he could go back to a more simple way back in 1984 when all you worried about was if you had a top locker or bottom locker and whether you had any friends to sit with during your lunch period. Those were the days.

Hope you have an awesome day and find a little joy in your world.

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