Friday, February 18, 2011

From the Backseat

We were driving somewhere last weekend, I think to the Toros basketball game, and had some funny stuff coming from our backseat that I thought I would share. It was about lunch time, so our plan was to grab some lunch before the game. We didn't leave much time for eating so it was going to have to be a drive through.

We head towards the arena and with lunch on his mind Hubby takes a right on a road that is not the normal way to the arena.

Flashback to Harry's recent concern that when he eventually gets his license he is worried that he won't know how to get anywhere in our town. He really zones out in the car and has no concept of direction or distance. He has been to the ballpark a million times, but I am not sure he could tell you how to get there. Obviously as a sports obsessed boy, his main concern is getting to sporting events, so for this drive to the Toros game I guess he was trying to pay particularly close attention to where his Dad was turning.

So Hubby takes a right off the main road to jet over to Sonic, and from the backseat Harry starts saying "Where are we? Is this the normal way we go? I don't recognize this? Have I ever gone this way before?" It was so comical to us, because he has never, not ever, given a rip which direction we ever went. Now he is super in touch with every turn.

So anyway, we pull up to this stoplight to turn into Sonic. Harry is looking out his window and sees a car coming up to the intersection going the other direction and it is a sports car (he is particularly drawn to these for some reason). The car is approaching the intersection a little faster than most people would, but in plenty of time to come to safe stop. We hear Harry from the backseat "Woah, did you see that guy? He's a pro." After all that bucking and stalling and revving and rolling in the Jeep he has a new appreciation for people who make it look easy and seamless.

We pull into Sonic and we are all still chuckling and laughing a bit. Hubby pulls into the first slot he comes to and starts looking over the menu. He suddenly realizes he is in a Handicapped spot. He starts to back up and Chip says "What are you doing dad?" Hubby says "I accidentally parked in a handicapped spot, so I am moving." Chip says "Oh Dad you didn't have to move, I could have just crossed my eyes when she came to bring us our food." Totally unacceptable to think that crossing your eyes makes you a handicapped person, but we cracked up. Then there was much eye crossing and other totally inappropriate handicap faking. Bad, bad boys.

When rapped up our 15 minute drive to the Toros game adventure with a complete lunch ordering fiasco and I am not sure anyone got what they wanted.

Hubby: Do you want fries or tater tots?
Harry: Onion rings.
Hubby: We will take one order of fries.

Hubby: Chip, what do you want to drink?
Chip: Small Rootbeer.
Hubby: We need a small coke.

I think Hubby may need to get his hearing aid checked or just quit asking questions and order whatever he wants people to have. It would be a whole lot easier.

While all this carrying on was happening the boys were like "Are you going to blog about this?" I told them I would. So now I have.

Hopefully we can look back at these posts one day and still be able to remember how hard we laughed and how corny we can be just doing our everyday living.

So glad it is Friday! Hope the weekend treats you well!

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