Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Tuesday...

Happy Tuesday ya'll. Let's get this out of the way first - there is a threat of sleet tomorrow! What??? We just had snow, then it was back up to 70 degrees and now it is plummeting back down to the 20s! Come on now!

Running is hard with so many on again off again days. Need some consistency. I ran yesterday and it was fine. Could definitely tell I hadn't run in a while. Ran again this morning and it was awesome! No stopping! Talked the whole time. Don't even need music anymore. Isn't that cool? Now it is going to be super cold Wednesday and Thursday morning, so probably won't get back to the running until Friday. Spring is coming. I know it is.

I can't wait.

If only that stupid hot summer wasn't right behind it! Maybe we will have a nice long mild spring. Fingers crossed.

On the running front, I think we are going to push back our start time so we can run a little further in the mornings. HOLLA! Shooting to increase the loop to maybe four miles! YAY for us! Slow and steady, plodding along, but definitely improving so I am very happy about that!

In other news around the house...

Yesterday Chip and his friend Pooty (according to Pootie's parents I have been spelling it wrong! Sorry PootY) were playing outside. We have these real bowling pins that I got off of Ebay for one birthday party or another. They had them set up and were bowling in the garage. Sounds innocent enough, right? With a ball it is. Then they started bowling with weights. Big heavy weights that go on a barbell. It sounded like a bomb had dropped. I went out there to see what all the noise was about and Chip says "It's Extreme Bowling". I said "Oh no, I don't think so." Bowling with weights. That is extreme alright. Crazy kids.

Harry came home yesterday just buzzing with talk about driving. It comes in fits and spurts. It has been weeks since he lasts mentioned it. Yesterday he talked non-stop about what exactly he has to do before he can get behind the wheel. The funniest thing was when he talked about how he never pays attention to how to get places. He says "Wouldn't it stink if I get my license, pick up some friends to go to a ball game or something and then have no idea how to get there?" Yes, that would stink. I will be interested to see how long this spark lasts! Coming more and more frequent so I think he is pretty serious about this driving business.

I made a big blender full of fruit smoothie this morning. Not sure if it is really a smoothie. I didn't add yogurt or anything. Just fruit - a little ice. Grapes, Strawberries, Cantalope, Pear, Banana and Pineapple. It was good. I will probably be in the bathroom all day.

Too much information, right? Sorry about that.

In other fruit news...I put an apple in Chip's lunch yesterday. He ate it. Did you hear me??? HE ATE IT!!! He also ate one last Friday. My baby is eating apples!! I have never been prouder! He doesn't eat it all. But he eats some. It is a victory. A celebration for sure when you remember where we started!

We will end on that good note.


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