Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life's Most Embarrassing Moments

I had one happen today.

I was speed shopping at the grocery store - repeating "stamps, stamps, stamps" over and over in my head because I knew I was going to forget to get them.

I was just about done shopping and had gotten way more than I went to the store for, but that is pretty typical. I go for Lucky Charms and Toilet Paper and walk out of there $140 later with 12 bags of stuff.

So anyway, I was on the last aisle of my shopping frenzy when this store employee starts calling after me. She is being followed by a frazzled looking woman pushing a baby in a stroller and they look like they are on a mission.

She asks me if I have lost my cart.

I look at her kind of weird, because Hello....I am standing here with my hands on my cart.

She rephrases it and says "Is this your cart?" and she is pointing to my cart.

Again, I am terribly confused.

Finally, I take a good look at my cart and say "Oh my goodness, my purse is missing!"

She says "It's not missing, we have it at the front of the store. You must have accidently switched carts with this lady here. We have been paging you over the store intercom and looking all over for you."

OMG - I was mortified.

I felt so bad.

It happened in the milk department. I remembered the lady because I had to work around her because she was pushing the baby stroller and her cart and the milk she needed was way on the bottom shelf and she couldn't reach it. She was talking to the invisible men that work behind the milk asking them if they could push it forward so she could reach it.

I guess I got my milk, threw it in the cart I thought was mine and went on my merry way. She had bacon, I had bacon. She had green grapes, I had green grapes.

Didn't realize for five aisles that my stupid purse wasn't buried under my produce.

Anyway, the lady was so nice. Upon closer inspection of her cart she had all kinds of stuff that I didn't pick. Wouldn't I have been confused when I started unloading food I didn't put in my cart up on the belt. And no purse. It could have been even worse.

I had to take the walk of shame up to the front of the store to unload all the stuff I had added to her cart and put it back in my own cart. Embarrassing.

I wonder if that happens alot? Probably not.

I apologized all over myself and she said "It happens, please don't worry about it."

I wanted to hug her.

I am happy to report that even after all the excitement - I remembered STAMPS!

It is the little victories that mean so much.

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  1. I'm LMAO!! I've gotten about two steps with someone else's cart before I realized it. Lately I'm bad about leaving my cart to go get something I forgot a couple aisles back and then can't remember where my cart is. The joys of getting old. Thanks for the giggles this morning.