Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pottery Revealed

I picked up my platter today from the Ceramics Lodge. I love it. It is imperfect and I colored outside the lines. I am going to use it tonight for a big platter of pasta.

What do you think?

A little closer view.

In this one you can really see how perfectly imperfect it is.

This is Karen's platter. Isn't it cool?

I might try this technique next time.

Signing off. Must go see if the chicken I started thawing out three days ago is finally thawed out enough to cook for dinner! Trying to wrestle frozen guts out of the middle of a whole frozen chicken is not a fun gig! Why do they put those in there anyway? Does anyone use the parts inside the chicken? I wish they sold them with and without the guts inside so you could choose. I just want to shove a couple lemons and some rosemary in the cavity without having to deal with a heart, liver and other various organs and parts.

I'm going to write my congressman and see if we can get something going with this suggestion.

Who is my congressman?

I am so politically uninformed.

Maybe I will try soaking it in a sink full of cold water. Or using a pair of pliers. Or maybe a jackhammer. Or a laser. I am full of really great ideas.



  1. I love it! You did a beautiful job. I love the colors as well. Looks like a store bought plate. I love crafts and creating!

  2. I LOVE it too! You can do one for me for Christmas (Do I have to WAIT that long to get it though?) I would love have more serving dishes!!