Monday, February 14, 2011

Salvaging Valentine's Day

Me and my little Chipmunk are sick on this Valentine's Day 2011. Congested, hoarse, coughing, sneezing and carrying on. Mine started on Friday and I was hoping it was allergies or something. Sadly, Chip woke up this morning with similar symptoms with a bonus low grade fever. Perhaps something contagious then?

Look at his sweet little face and red, rosy cheeks. Poor buddy.

As much as this guy likes to miss school he was very disappointed that he was going to miss his class Valentine Party. You only get a few parties a year and this was a good one. There is candy. Say no more.

He had worked on his Valentine Box over the weekend and thought Mr. Bradley was going to love it. It was a basketball.

We started with a plain round box that I got at Hobby Lobby.

Chip got busy on Friday afternoon covering it with paint.

We let it dry overnight.

Giving him plenty of time to address his class valentine cards and get them ready.

He finished it up on Sunday morning. He wanted to cut a big hole in the top for his classmates to deliver his Valentines. We drew lines on the box to make it look like a basketball and then wrapped it up by gluing NBA logos on it. He couldn't wait to show his friends.

Sad boy.

This morning he said, "Mom this could be the worst Valentine's Day ever."

To brighten his spirits a little I let him decorate the kitchen table for our Valentine dinner tonight.

We put out a candle and Valentine plates, napkins and cups. He had made each of us a Valentine Card at school with the sweetest notes ever written on the back. I hole punched those and hung them from the chandelier. He was so proud.

We spread lots of felt hearts and Valentine M&Ms on the table.

Next I cut out some paper hearts and told him to write whatever Valentine words he wanted on them. We were going to add those to the chandelier too.

He was very precise about the placement of the candle and little table decorations. Wanted to light the candle at 10:30 this morning for our 6:00 dinner.

He wrote *Love*, *Hugs*, *Kissing*, *Sweets*, *Treats* and *The Kiss Cam* on his hearts and we hung them on the chandelier too.

He can't wait for Harry and Dad to get home so he can show them his work.

I think it helped turn his frown upside down. It sure did mine.

Now to figure out how to get rid of this stupid crud we have.

I'm over it. Big Time.

Lots more fun stuff to recap from the weekend, but for now I am going to go lay down and clear my throat with Chip. He thinks we should go try out for American Idol since our voices sound so weird. I don't think that sounds like a very good idea at all. Fingers crossed no one else gets it.

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  1. Best Mom Ever!!! That picture makes me want to just snuggle him up in my arms...if he wasn't contagious. Poor guy. Love the basketball. Tell him excellent job for me.