Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Let me preface this post, by saying if you stumbled across this blog accidentally and/or if any of my seven regular readers are stuck any where in the mid-west where snow has been piling up like crazy, you might not want to read any further. If you are stuck in an airport due to two feet of snow dumping out of the sky in one day, or ice is piling up in your city and knocking out your heat source you may not be amused by what I am about to show you. If you are crazy enough to keep reading, consider yourself forewarned! Don't scream at your computer because all we got was a light dusting and it literally shut the place down! We feel for you folks who are contending with real snow. Seriously. Can't imagine doing it day in and day out!

But when that phone call from the school district came at 5:12 a.m. saying that schools were closed due to inclement weather, it triggered pandemonium! The real pandemonium didn't start till about 7:00 because Mommy went back to sleep, but...Did you hear me? No school!! It snowed!! Woo Hoo!

My kids could not have been happier! I thought I might have caught a little tear of joy in their eyes! No school because it snowed! YES!!

Look at out front yard tree! Here's the thing that you can't see in this picture. It was COLD!! COLD!! COLD!! I am talking in the 20's! The low 20's! BRRR!!!!

Down the street.

Front yard foliage that is wondering what in the world happened. Where did this Arctic cold weather come from? The Arctic is what I am guessing. We aren't used to it making it this far south. We aren't regulars in this winter phenomenon. We like to think it is chilly when the high is only in the 60's.

Old Betsy draped in her winter blanket.

Chip was out in it by 8:00 a.m. As was every other kid in the neighborhood. Harold and a couple of friends were texting back and forth making a plan to meet up at a neighborhood park with a giant hill. There were a hundred kids there, sliding down the hill on cardboard boxes, their butts and the occasional real sled. In fact, driving through the neighborhood there were kids out everywhere! It was great!

Chip threw snowball after snowball. He was so happy.

He filled up every bucket we own with snow. Scrapped the car clean, the driveway, the neighbors driveway. Just collected it.

Then there was hot chocolate.

Who doesn't love hot chocolate, especially outside while playing in the snow.
Actually, Chip actually doesn't love hot chocolate. He wants to. He loves the idea of hot chocolate, but drinking it, not so much. One or two sips and then he hands it to me and says that was want it?

He spent all day playing outside, wrapped it up with an evening bonfire, where him and his buddies threw every single thing they could find into the fire. He says to me when he got home reeking of was awesome mom...I almost caught myself on fire.

Oh, well that is comforting honey. Glad you had fun and so glad you didn't catch on fire.

Harold and a couple of his friends ran the neighborhood, picking up pizza at one house, playing video games at another. Just hanging out and playing.

It was the perfect snow day!! Made better by the fact that the next day it was 65 and sunny and there wasn't a bit of snow left to contend with!! Yea for Texas weather!!!

If you still have snow where you are, I hope the sun is at least shining! We have a couple of great days ahead and then it is going to get cold again.

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