Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend in Review

Nice weekend around these parts. Aren't they all?

Chip had his last basketball game at 9:00 on Saturday morning and his first baseball game at 2:00 that same afternoon. Double duty!

He really enjoyed basketball season, but for is where it is at. It was like a reunion out there at the ballpark seeing all the families you only see during baseball season. All the little kids in their new clean uniforms.

Here is Chip in his new uniform. They are the Rangers this year.

Hitting some wiffle balls before the game.

Total concentration.


Throw me another one.

During warm-ups, Chip hit Brandon in the head. Not intentionally, but regardless that hurts. I felt bad for the little fellow. I know Chip did too. He was okay, but he had a knot on his noggin.

During the game Chip smashed two giant hits.

One was a majestic long ball that went over everyone's head. The other was a screamer line drive to the outfield.

Sadly, he was thrown out at third both times trying to stretch a double into a triple. He was not happy. I think this season, playing in the higher division there are going to be more and more defensive plays made by the other team. It won't be the regular circus act of balls flying all over the infield that we might have become accustomed to! It's going to be more competitive, but more fun I think too!

This weekend Harry and his buddies (like RV here) became addicted to playing with a Hacky Sack. My sweet Harry was almost crippled on Saturday from doing it so much.

Even Pooty was getting in on the action! It is great exercise and very challenging. Harry has improved a ton since he started. He mainly hits it with his right leg though so I'm pretty worried he is going to have one ginormous leg and one toothpick.

Sunday afternoon we got busy working on Chip's Abe Lincoln Biography project. We had to cut out a Chip size body.

Laid him down on the dining room table.

Traced all around his body. He was a little more ticklish that I expected, which means Abe had a few more wiggly lines than I was expecting!

We printed Abe's face off on the computer, drew on a suit and got busy coloring it in.

Chip was working hard. The going in all different directions with the crayon was making me a little crazy, but I stayed quiet and let him work his magic.

It was a big coloring project.

Look at this sweet picture. I will post more of the final results when he gets finished with Abe.

Chip also has to prepare a presentation about Abe and dress himself up as Abe when he presents to his class. How am I going to turn this cherub into a 6'4" dark haired heavy side burned president? It is going to take every crafting gene in my body.

While we were working on Abe, Harry went for a little run. He is training to join the cross country team next year. He is working hard and running pretty regularly so I hope it starts to get easier.

It was grossly humid when he was out running and he came back yelling down the street while I was taking this picture...'It was so hard'. I know how you feel buddy. Really and truly.

After our super cold weather week followed by a week of being sick, my running was as hard as it was the first time. I had a decent run this morning, but can't wait to build back up to running the whole 3 mile loop again. I'll get there. A little patience. A little persistence.

But seriously, why is it so easy to lose the progress you make and so dang hard to get it back!! Makes me so mad. Anyways, back to the weekend....

Chip needed a haircut desperately. Harry wanted to look at new cell phones desperately. He has a birthday coming up and that is the only thing he wants. We head out to accomplish those two things.

Haircut place had a line a mile long. Groans all around. We bail on that and head over to TMobile. Harry has only had his phone for 10 months so not able to upgrade without paying full price. Groan from one almost fifteen year old. We bail on that. Errands were scraped.

Instead we went swimming at the YMCA. That was fun. Waaaaaayyyy better than getting a haircut for sure! Wrapped up the weekend with a fun dinner out with the V family.

I really enjoy weekends just like this one, but it has sure felt like Monday ALL DAY LONG today. In fact, I see a glass of wine in my immediate future! That is a great way to put a Monday to bed!

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