Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost There!

I need just two more milk jugs to reach my total of 48! That is a ton of milk jugs!

Here are 40 of the washed, cleaned, sticker free, cut out milk jugs on my kitchen table! All excitedly waiting to be turned into Bunny Baskets! Don't they look like little soldiers? (To see a picture of the finished milk jug bunny baskets click here.)

Maybe not.

Everyone went back to school and work today! Yeah! I have done four loads of laundry and not even touched the actual clothes we wear. Blankets, throws, pillowcases, sheets, towels....lots of that stuff got run through the wash/dry cycle to hopefully blast off any remnants of the stomach bug. Good riddance.

Chip has a baseball game tonight starting at 7:30. That seems so late for eight year olds, but I bet they will be thrilled to play under the lights like they are in the big leagues! I hope it is a good game or I will be nodding off!

I have not been sleeping well and add to that a 4:50 a.m. wake up time and I am in sleep deprivation mode. I think tonight is going to be a great night for sleep! Fingers crossed!

On the workout front I am going to try to do two back to back gym classes tomorrow. Body Step at 8:30 and Body Pump at 9:30. I probably won't be able to move on Saturday!

I am off to the baseball field!

Have a good night's sleep everyone! Especially me!

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