Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Get Well NOW!

Harry is staying home again today. He is still puny. Not throwing up anymore, but not eating much either.

Look at my sad little fella. He occupied the couch all day long yesterday.

It is a massive pile of pillows, blankets and germs. I cannot wait to wash these linens!

Mom: Harry is there anything that sounds appetizing that I can make for you?

Harry: Could you make me some soup?

Mom: Do you mean that MSG loaded, sodium rich Ramen Noodle crap that you mistakenly just referred to as soup?

Harry: Yes, its my favorite.

Just looking at the picture I realized it has 0% Trans Fats. Thank you Maruchan for at least that!

I think he ate four noodles.

On the other side of the house I ran into this cast of characters.

They are wrestling friends of this fellow.

When not laying around with his friends, Chip worked on this beauty.

Seems a little impatient, but sweet.

Hope your day is germ free!

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