Monday, March 21, 2011

Kicking off the Week

Hello blog world! Hello Monday! Spring break is over and it is the start of a brand new week.

I'm not even hating it that bad! We had a nice vacation and three days to recover after, so I am ready to face the week ahead.

We had a great weekend - did some yard work, worked on some crafts, exercised, tackled that mountain of laundry, learned how to play dominoes, all in all pretty dang good.

Some special points of interest:

* Hubby went to the doctor on Friday afternoon. He has recovered 82% of his hearing in his left ear. He still has tons of static in his ear so he hasn't quite enjoyed the full recovery of his hearing. The ENT did a steroid shot directly in his ear drum on Friday and he goes back this week for another one. Fingers crossed that it gets rid of the static for him. Prayers appreciated!

* We played dominoes with the V family on Friday and Saturday night. Is that an old person game? I hope not, cause I really liked it. Spinners, doubles, closing, scoring in multiples of fives and don't even get me started on the scoring with big Xs and little Xs. It was a bit more complicated than I thought, but addicting.

* Harry had an ice coffee from Starbucks during our return travels from Phoenix. He loved it. Wanted more. He is his mother's son.

* Chip was handed a t-shirt to put on yesterday afternoon and he looked at his Dad like he had lost his mind. He said "Dad, I'm not going to a wedding!" Dad looks puzzled. "It has a pocket!" Crazy kid. A t-shirt with a pocket is practically a tux. Who knew? He put all kinds of stuff in that pocket! Pulling old Yu-Gi-Oh cards out of his pocket, gum, and a bunch of other weird stuff. Old Gap t-shirt gave him lots of material.

* I am going to try to get back into a daily blogging routine. May not have anything profound or funny to say, but I am going to say something.

* Shooting for at least 10 hours of exercise this week. I feel sore already. Please start changing body. Please. Thank you.

* Nine days until Harry turns 15. Gulp.

* I had that Thai Crunch Salad at California Pizza Kitchen again and man is it good. YUMMY! I am certain I could eat that daily and not get tired of it.

Okie dookie - that is all for now folks. My "to-do" list for the week is growing and I have much real work to do as well!

Hope you are enjoying these first few days of Spring!

Happy Monday!

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  1. So glad you all had a great vacation and very happy to hear Hubby is hearing better. I know it must be frustrating for him. Can't believe Harry will be 15. Tell him Granny drove her car the other day without her license and she could barely see over the dash. She followed me so I could drop the Honda off for Spring check up. LOL! Love the new Blog photo. Keep up the good work. Love to all!