Thursday, March 10, 2011


Baseball season is in full swing. I love being at the ballpark. Watching kids play. I'm a huge fan.

This guy is my favorite baseball player. He struggled last night. In spite of that, he kept a great attitude. Always hustling. Always trying his best. It doesn't always happen that way in all other areas of his life. In fact, if you had witnessed the hair washing fiasco we had this morning it was complete with sloth like movements, stalling, complaining, fighting, acting like a kid that was raised by wolves in the forest that had never actually washed his hair. Good times. Massive amounts of patience required, but that is not really what this post is about.

Here is where I was going with this.....

During, our little Wednesday morning bible study group yesterday the topic was patience. Each week, we are doing an in depth study of the components of The Fruit of the Spirit.....Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control. They are all magnificent traits on their own, but oh the quest for them to come together and fill your soul, to control your life every day, in every situation, all the time. Wouldn't that be something?

So Patience....the need for it, understanding it, how it is necessary and mandatory really. This could not have come at a more opportune time.

As we are starting the DVD to watch our lesson, my phone rings and it is my first born Harry on the phone. He was supposed to take his textbooks to school so administrators could do a spot check. He forgot. He was worried he would get in trouble. He was already on the bus. Could I please bring them to him?




By 10:00?
By noon?

Patience. Need it. Patience. Need it. Patience. Need it.

Frustrated that he forgot the books. Timing was bad. Houseful of friends. Bible study lesson starting. Do I swoop and save him? Do I let him flounder and feel the consequences of his forgetfulness? Parenting 101 - where is that dang book?

I swooped. He's my rule follower. I knew it would worry him to death to not satisfy this requirement. I told him to wait right by the bus. I grabbed the books, left my friends at my house, jetted over to the high school, handed them to him out of the window. First thing out of his mouth was "I'm sorry." Second thing out of his mouth "Thank you Mom." From me. "You are welcome. I love you buddy. Try to remember better next time, okay?"

Eleven minutes round trip.

I was so frustrated and it showed in my tone on the phone with him. I wish I could have a do over after listening to Beth Moore's talk on patience.

In eleven short minutes, I was able to wipe the look of concern, embarrassment and worry off the face of one of the people I treasure most in this world. So easy.

Inconvenient? Yes.
Correct parenting decision? Who knows.

Did he remember his textbooks for the B day spot check today? Yes he did. With no prompting from me. Yeah Harry!

Now, I am a complete beginner/novice at studying the Bible, but apparently, those instances where you are frustrated out of your mind, stomping your foot in frustration, waiting on an answer that doesn't seem to come, dealing with impossible situations or difficult people who won't do what you want them to do....those are lessons. Lessons on patience. Lessons that make you deal with yourself and how you react to situations. Can you make it better? Do you make it worse? Is it really a problem you have with another person or a problem you have with yourself?

These Bible studies are so introspective. So many "Ah" moments. Opening yourself up to a little bit of wonder and examinaton about yourself. Ouch. Opening your heart up to a whole lot of learning about how it looks and feels to strive to be a better person. A more Christ like person.

I needed that lesson yesterday. Sometimes I have to be smacked right in the head with it. God smacked me. Right between the eyes. It was good.

Now, the hard part...putting it into practice daily, hourly, minute by minute. It is a monumental challenge, but a worthwhile challenge for sure.

Hope your day is terrific and that you find a little Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control in your travels.

I feel so Zen all the sudden.....

Come back tomorrow, where we will have the Chipster as Abe Lincoln extravaganza! Can't wait to show you that sweet boy in his giant hat, shedding ferociously beard, and tad too small blazer. All delivered with a big, proud smile on his face. He likes being president. Want to eat him up!!!!!!

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