Friday, March 4, 2011

Speed Blog

Much to do - STILL! Kinda over the whole busy as a bee thing! are the cliff notes of what has been going on around here over the last few days.

Me: Working lots of hours a day - like NINE! It's too much. Ready to get back to normal. Didn't get to the gym Wednesday or Thursday. Still walking/running daily with the emphasis on walking. BOO!

Hubby: He went to an ENT yesterday and his left ear is profoundly/severely hearing impaired. Like he is completely deaf in his left ear. Totally sucky. No known cause. Happens more often than you think. He has a 60% chance of recovering some level of hearing, which means there is a 40% chance he won't. We will be glass half full and pray that the steroids they have him on restore all (or at least some) of his hearing. If the steroid pills don't work they may give him a shot of steroids directly in his ear. Can you say OUCH!!

Good news is that he has supersonic awesome hearing in his right ear.

Let's go on record to say...he has the weirdest things happen to him. Hole in his heart. Bell's Palsy in his face. Now, random unexplained deafness in his left ear.

Let's also go on record that there is alot of "Huh? What?" going on around here.

Harry: He is rocking along in his little world. Hacky Sack record remains the same although his leg has stopped hurting so much. Still running. Knocked out 2 miles with not much effort, so it is definitely getting easier for him. Mucho homework coming for the weekend. Most interesting project is he has to write a "Singles" ad for himself using words from Romeo and Juliet. Should be an interesting exercise.

Chip: His new jump rope record is 51. He jumped 1,432 times trying to get that record (FYI...I don't really know how many times he jumped, but I think he is wearing out the hardwood floor. And sweaty....don't even ask!) Chip's baseball team won their baseball game last night. Chip had a couple of good hits and caught a pop fly. Beautiful evening and an exciting game. Love that.

Time to get to work!

I hope you are looking forward to your weekend as much as I am looking forward to mine!

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