Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is in the air....

It is also all over the hood of my car, the ground, the mailbox, the light fixtures, the sidewalk...in fact it is all over every surface outside!

Actually, it is in my house too! The oak pollen is back in a big way!

I fully expect the drifts of yellow stuff to cover my driveway for the next few weeks. YUCK!

But spring really is in the air in my dining room! Here is a poster I painted yesterday with samples of the cool crafts we are going to make at Lakeside tomorrow.

It has been a ton of work to get these crafts ready. I think I need to think smaller and much more simple for next time. That...or my mother is going to have to move closer so she can help me.

All of my boys have helped in one way or another. Hubby cut 18 cross shapes out of cardboard and also cut the center out of most of the milk jugs. Such a huge help. Chip was in charge of cutting pipe cleaners in half. He looks confused in this picture, but he really picked it right up. Eyeball the middle of the pipe cleaner and cut! You got it! He did a great job.

Harold and his buddy Blake (not pictured, cause I totally forgot!) helped stuff 240 eggs with candy. Then they separated big bags of Easter grass into 40 smaller sandwich bags. Messy, but so appreciated. Then they moved on to cutting out bunny ears and feet. They were great workers.

A small army of milk jug bunnies! Aren't they cute?

Cute or not, please get out of my house.

And take these huge tubs of supplies with you!!!

Although I have been working hard to get ready for the Lakeside visit, the most important event of the day tomorrow is that is it Harry's 15th birthday! WAHHHH!! It is a school night so that limits us a little as to how much celebrating we are going to do tomorrow, but for sure we are going to Tokyo Steakhouse for dinner! That should be yummy! I hope to take lots of pictures to share tomorrow of the Lakeside event and the birthday boy!!

Until then, I hope there is a little SPRING in your step these days!!

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