Thursday, April 7, 2011

10,000 Hits

I just looked at my "stats" for my blog and I need 80 more hits to have 10,000 views! Isn't that crazy? I know lots of blogs get 10,000 or more hits a day, but Simply Writing Out Loud gets about 20 every day! So 10,000 is a bunch! Likely, over half of those hits are Bob and Lana checking in to see if I have posted any grandson stories or pictures.

SIDE NOTE: As expected, Lana filed a complaint yesterday with my manager about my lack of daily blogging! Thankfully, I am the manager and I just gave myself a little pep talk to try to be more consistent.

I can probably name my other few regular readers right off the top of my head! Hey Beth, John, Peggy, Liz, Martha, Sandy, Ange, Linda, Matt, Gail and Hubby (I think he reads it sometimes). Thanks for checking in on me regularly!

I know you guys will be on pins and needles until we reach 10,000. I will be sure and post as soon as it happens!

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