Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bob Chronicles - Eleventh in a Series

Sometimes I am just so happy to have a blog. Somewhere I can store the day to day events that go on and the little nuggets of happiness and laughter I get from my family. Today especially, I am very happy.

I have another Bob Chronicles for you. It's current. Really current. In fact, this one happened today. It started with a call from my Dad.

Me: Hey, Dad. What's going on?
Dad: Not much. I am about to go shopping and just thought I would check in.
Me: That's nice. What are you shopping for?
Dad: Some moccasins.
Me: Some what?
Dad: Moccasins. You know shoes.
Me: You are going to buy some moccasins?
Dad: Yeah, if I can find them?
Me: Why?
Dad: To wear on our trip to Vegas. We are going to be doing alot of walking and I want something other than my tennis shoes to wear.
Me: But moccasins?

NOTE: The following picture is the image I saw in my head when he started talking about moccasins.

It scares me to think about Bob running around Vegas in these. Actually it scares me to think of him going anywhere in these.

We talk a little more and I finally figure out that what he is actually after is loafers. Some slip ons with a little arch support so he doesn't have to wear socks and tennis shoes everywhere.

At least I am hoping that is what he is going to come home with.

He promises to send me some pictures when he finds the moccasins.

I got these photos and captions just a short while ago and I have been chuckling to myself since then.

Here are the pictures with Bob's captions:

Do these new shoes make my legs look bigger?

I can't stop looking at them.

These are St. John's Bay shoes. I didn't hold back on costs.

I think once my legs get a little more tan they will look even better.

I just hope it won't attract the women like my tennis shoes do.

If you look close you can see my old sock line.

So Bob is sporting some moccasins. Looking dashing as ever. Just made my day to get his little photo album. I tell you what I am really looking forward to is his trip recaps from Vegas. He and my mother have never been. It is going to be some awesome material for me!

I will also share this little funny that probably deserves it's own post.

This past weekend my Mom and Dad went up to Tennessee to help my brother and his wife, Ms. Tennessee, repair some towel bars in their boys bathroom. Dad said all went well and they got the towel bars up and secure. Ms. Tennessee calls him last night. She says "Bob Chronicles Number 242. Both towel racks have fallen out of the wall with the first use." Dad says "What are they doing with them? Chin-ups?"

Needless to say, the repair crew (probably Lana will have to get involved this time!) will be going back up this weekend to patch the holes and anchor those suckers into a stud. Its always something!

I hope this story gave you a chuckle or a smile. It sure did me.

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  1. Too funny...and I didn't have to look very hard to see your sock lines. Bob needs to get a spray tan for sure, maybe one shade lighter than his Mocasins. LOL!