Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can You Hear What I Hear?

I don't know what you are hearing, but based on a phone call I received about thrity minutes ago Hubby is hearing at 100% in both ears! All it took to restore his sudden and profound hearing loss was ten days of oral steroids, five trips to the ENT to have steroids administered directly to his ear drum by way of a nice long needle and he is as good as new.

So add that to the list as another random and weird medical situation that is now behind him. He collects weird and random medical situations.

Kind of like baseball cards.

But not nearly at the same volume as baseball cards.

He doesn't catalog or sort his medical ailments by team either.

Or put them in plastic sleeves.

Or store them in giant boxes in my guest room closet.

So maybe his random and weird medical conditions are nothing at all like baseball cards. Maybe more like his weird collection of state quarters. ALL state quarters. None get to leave our house.

Or maybe like his weird collection of giant plastic cups from every sporting event he has ever been to. That is ALOT of sporting events people.

Or game programs, autographed memoriabilia, ticket stubs, game used anything and everything, stadium seating, baseball hats, baseballs, footballs, Starting Lineup figures, etc., etc., etc.

Basically, he is a COLLECTOR. He collects things. Lots of things. Mostly sports related things. But also, weird and random medical conditions.

I am just relieved that the treatment worked and his hearing has been restored. I was tired of calling him Wooden Ear anyway. It is a hard nickname to spit out.

Hip Hip Hooray for prayers answered!

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  1. Glad hubby's hearing is all back to normal. Now he can't ignore you. ;o) You should do some blogging about his collections. I remember how crazy it was 20 years ago so I can only imagine what it is these days. You poor woman!!!