Wednesday, April 20, 2011


For the last six weeks or more, my work laptop has been cycling in and out of internet connection. Usually, every 8 minutes or so. I get all logged in and work feverishly, then it kicks me out and I do it again. It made my day so long and frustrating. We had the cable folks out many times. They said we had a weak connection they couldn't figure out why. I have since begun the process of switching cable provider companies, going with a different kind of technology in hopes of fixing the weak signal and keeping my laptop online.

Yesterday, I was supremely frustrated having worked on a couple of things and gotten almost done when the cable dropped again. ARRGGHHH!! I wanted to pitch the whole damn kit and kaboodle out in the backyard.

Last night when Hubby got home I asked him if he could help me hardwire my computer into the internet instead of using the wireless. He did. In about 2.5 seconds.

Praise the is working beautifully and I could not be more grateful!!! I think the heavens may have actually opened and angels may have been singing at about 11:00 this morning when I realized I had been online for hours.

If you are computer whiz and it is obvious to you that I should have tried this weeks ago, please keep that information to yourself. I do not want to know how stupid I am. It is better living in my world that way.

So I have been a working machine today!! Processing mods like it is my job! Oh wait, it IS my job!! Now I can perform said work in a remarkably speedy fashion. Never have I been more thrilled.

Am I sad that I have a giant pit in my backyard that maybe I didn't need? Nah! I like change and until I am ready to paint another room I will be satisfied with changing the cable.

Woo Hoo!!!

Today's gonna be a good day! Today's gonna be a good, good day!!!

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