Thursday, April 7, 2011

Conversation with Chip

Last night during dinner, Chip was filling us in on his day. Here is how a small part of the conversation went:

Mom: "What did you do in PE today"
Chip (barely audible): Dancing.
Mom: Oh, that sounds fun. What dance are you doing?
Chip: The Virginia Wheel
Mom: The What?
Chip: Want me to show you? Harry come on, be my partner.
Groaning, moaning, groaning and more moaning coming from the vicinity of Harry's chair.

Eventually, the two of them get up from the dinner table and Chip walks Harry through the steps. He tells Harry that he will be the girl. Harry says good, cause I am hating this already. There was much swinging around, laughing, cutting up done in the demo dance. They both finally come back to the table winded and smiling.

Mom: That was great guys!
Chip: Mom, do you want to try it with me?
Mom: Not right now, but after dinner I do.
Chip: Cool.
Mom: But, I am going to be the girl.
Chip: Good. I have been the girl all day long.

We Do-Si-Do'd together after dinner. Then he made his Dad do it too! We were some Virginia Wheel dancing fools.

It was fun!

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