Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Does Lucky Dirt Work?

Lana is sure to be getting restless since I haven't updated this page in several days! Sorry Mom! Let's get some new information up here for her to see! We had a good time in Dallas this weekend. I would have said "great", but the Red Sox got their butts spanked by the Rangers and that was a little hard to swallow for our Red Sox fans. Our travel companions, the V Family, however loved the outcome!

Here they are all smiles before the game! It was only the beginning of their me!

Our family looking happy before the game. Didn't last me!

Opening weekend of MLB...that is magic to my boys ears.

During the game, the Rangers were being presented with their American League Champions Diamond Rings.

They pulled out all the stops.

The kids were engrossed.

Lucky kids got to carry the rings out on the field to hand to the players, owners, trainers, grounds crew, assistant VP to the assistant trainer who carries the towels to the visiting team's locker room.

I mean, EVERYONE in the Rangers organization got a ring.

Here they all are.

Now let's get this game started! Go Sox.

Hmmm, did the Rangers Ian Kinsler hit a homerun on the second pitch of the game?

Yes. Yes, he did.

No problem. That just meant it was time for Harry to break out his lucky dirt from Fenway.

What? You think that is weird or unusual?

You don't carry around lucky dirt from your favorite team's ballpark?

What's wrong with you?

You must not really love baseball.

Seriously. Everyone knows you should carry lucky dirt.

Speaking of weird...Pooty and Chip were in their own little world. Chip couldn't have been happier.

Or weirder.

So anyway, the game got completely out of hand. The lucky dirt didn't do squat. The Rangers piled it on the Red Sox. Beat them 11 - 5 or something crazy like that. We did get to see a grand slam...sadly it was the Rangers who rang that up!

Regardless of the score, the weather was spectacular, the company was excellent and a nice time was had by all.

After the game we all wanted to hit Krystals for a late night snack. We don't have a Krystals near us, so it is always a treat to be in a city that has one. Good news was that it was only a couple miles from the stadium. Bad news is that between construction, getting trapped in the carpool lane and horrific traffic it took us over 30 minutes to get there. Worth it? Probably not. Don't tell Harold I said that!!!

You won't believe what we did to wrap up our weekend.

Are you ready for it?


Wrestlemania to be exact.

Do you know what Wrestlemania is?


Well, according to Chip it is the best thing that has EVER been on TV!

See, you can pay way to much money on Pay Per View to watch the four hour spectacle of wrestling at its finest.

We did.

We all did.

The whole family.

Piled up on the couch together watching wrestling.


Not sure how we got sucked into this drama, but sucked in we are. Great weekend! P.S. I have no idea why this is spaced out so weird, but I have tried to fix it six times and six times it has not worked. I am giving up and posting this badly spaced weekend review exactly like it is! Sorry!

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