Friday, April 1, 2011

Eleven Random Tidbits

Happy Friday Ya'll! So glad this busy week is wrapping up and that a fun weekend is within reach! I have a lot to tell you about some random topics so I thought I would wrap up the week with a Random Tidbits post! You see how I am branching out and doing eleven instead of ten? I am a wild woman! It's only one number, but just feels so unique and different. Or maybe not.

Let's get this literary masterpiece underway, shall we?

1. First of all, running is going so much better this week. Me and Martha ran four days and walked one. We have worked back up to doing a solid two plus miles of running with no stopping. Probably pushing close to 4.5 total miles on our route including walking to our regular meeting place, warming up and cooling down. We are looking to add a little extra! Fingers crossed we can keep it up! No one gets sick, leaves town or freak snow or rain storms enter our area.

2. The craft day at Lakeside was AWESOME!! We had a big crowd and lots of fun! The bunny baskets were a big hit and the women and men both worked on them with us! Just about every single decoupage kit was used and I was just so tickled with how well it went. I already have ideas spinning for next time and I am sure I will share those with you as I firm them up!

3. We had a yummy dinner at Tokyo Steakhouse for Harry's birthday! I may or may not have had my eyebrows singed during the show, but regardless the hot fresh food cooked right in front of you is worth it!

4. Chip caught a great pop up in the outfield last night! Had to run up on it, and then almost ran to far and had to reach high and back to snag it. So exciting!

5. There is an annoying dog yapping somewhere outside my office window and I want to open a window and tell him to ZIP IT!!! I bet he wouldn't listen. He doesn't seem like the listening type.

6. Harry has eaten Lucky Charms every morning for the past three years. This week, he switched to pancakes. He has eaten them every morning this week. I wonder how many years this will last.

7. Harry got me started on a game on the iPad called Words with Friends. Danger. Danger. Obssessed. Might need an intervention!

8. We are going to Dallas on Saturday to see the Red Sox and Rangers.

9. Must get to the grocery store today for some essentials. The last of the catfood was poured in Rosie's bowl this morning. I think she senses the empty bag already. She doesn't like an empty bag. Things could get ugly.

10. I will wrap up with a bit more about my Lakeside visit on Wednesday. As all the residents were putting their milk jug bunnies together it became obvious that some people are visual learners and others are just not. Most folks could look at the samples I had made and displayed and easily understand how to put their own bunny together. Others need written instructions or one-on-one instruction. This one little lady had glued the feet on as the ears and the ears on as the feet. And her cotton ball was in the front, not the back. Craft Dyslexia? Is there such a disorder? Anyway, as I am moving through the room I am asking all the residents what kinds of crafts they like to make so I can start planning crafts for the rest of the year. Almost unanimously, they said jewelry. Really?? Can't stick a cotton ball on a milk jug, but you want to make jewelry? Holy Karumba - this could be challenging! If you can think of any jewelry crafts that could be easy for elderly folks, please, please share them with me.

11. One more thing....I am marking #41 off of my 50 Things To Do Before I Am 50 List! The goal was "Volunteer to spend time with someone in a nursing home." Lakeside isn't officially a nursing home, but it pretty close and the spirit of the goal was to reach out and touch an elderly person who maybe didn't have anyone. I think I am doing that and more with the Lakeside folks and it feels great!

I hope your week has been productive and that you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!!

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