Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Hiccup

Happy Good Friday all! Our Good Friday started out with a bit of a hiccup. At 8:30 this morning Harry went outside to shoot some basketball. At 8:31 he walked back inside grabbing his eye. He had something in his eye and it was killing him.

I wanted to kill him also.

You see, Harry doesn't do well with debris in his eye. In fact, he is the worst "I got something in my eye patient EVER!"

I try to look in his eye and he is either squinting it shut tight or blinking so furiously it is damn near impossible to see anything. The whole time he is saying "It really hurts. It feels huge. It's killing me." You ask him to run some water in his eye to see if he can flush it out. No dice. He cannot open his eye under running water. He is missing that gene. I fill up the sink with water and ask him to put his eye under and blink. He does. It doesn't work. I'm all....keeping blinking, blink, blink, blink. See if you can work it out.

He can't. He swears something is embedded in his eye.


Off to the Eye Clinic we go. Thankfully it is in our neighborhood.

We walk in. He is miserable. He says he can't wait for the numbing drops.

How does he know there are numbing drops, you ask?

This is not his first rodeo folks.

In fact, this is his third trip to a medical establishment for debris in the eye since 2009. That is only two years people and he has been to the doctor three times for this.

That is just excessive and unacceptable.

I told him that he has to start wearing goggles any time he goes outside. Swim goggles, sport goggles, science goggles,....I don't care what kind of goggles. Just SOMETHING to keep stuff out of his eyes.

Ahh, the relief of numbing drops. He is laughing like crazy in this picture because the nurse put the drop in his eye and then says "It is going to burn like crazy, but then it will go numb."

She walks out of the room and I said "Is it burning?"

He said "Yes, like you cannot believe. And everything in my world is yellow. OMG"

Relief came about 15 seconds later. Finally numb. Good.

The debris that the doctor removed from his eye was minuscule, tiny, weenie, else can I say it is the smallest speck of debris possible to see with the naked eye.

Came right out. No damage. All is well in Harry's right eye.

Now, let's get on with the weekend, shall we?


  1. Please tell Harry to listen to this on the link

  2. I think he can change those lyrics to...Something in my eyes and it will sound great.