Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Twenty years.

Two decades.

That is a long, long time.

Today, April 13th, marks twenty years of marriage for me and Hubby. That is an accomplishment. Throw in the fact that we dated for over seven years. That is a long time to date someone. Twenty seven years together. We were babies when we set out on this relationship adventure. We have done a lot of living and growing up together.

When I close my eyes and think of how we have spent those twenty years, here are the memories that make the highlight reel:

Driving out to check on the progress on our first house. Praying for grass. Closing on our house the day before we got married. Eight roses, a poem, two Bama sweatshirts and tears. Shoney's Inn. How empty our house was on the day we finished moving in. Uno. First married argument over those stupid chairs at JCPenney's. Bama parties. Windows open, breezy Toney, cleaning on Saturday mornings. Wrigley. Umbrellas for the deck. Giant blue spruce Christmas Tree. Saving one last present to open on Christmas night. Bowling night. Cross country driving trip to Colorado. Back breaking yard work with Andrea. Softball. Supper club. Minor league baseball tour of the Carolinas. The Grounds Crew. Hole in the ice. Summer Olympics. Garden Club. Sick at the Sugar Bowl. Dinner for two on that little pedestal table we bought from Speigel. Apple Orchard. Trip with Joey and Debbi to Toronto, Niagra Falls, Vermont. Superbowl parties. Trivial Pursuit. Cracker Barrel Sundays. Pneumonia. Picking you up from the airport after business trips. My gallbladder broke. Peeing on sticks, crying, hoping and praying for a baby. Finally, after five years of marriage it is two lines! We are pregnant! Surprise trip to Mall of America. Christmas brunch. Winnie the Pooh Nursery. Harry was born. Back to the hospital at 3 days old. Crying my heart out at Pizza Hut. Willie died. Barney. Trains. Monkey Man. "Ladies and Gentlemen, now entering the arena..." Beach Trips. King of the bed. Texas. Rosie - ARGH. Swimming in the truck. The Chicken School. Robots. Donkey Kong. Your Dad died. So sad. Sea World. Riding bikes. Kindergarten. T-ball. Ear Tubes and Adenoids. Our Chipster was born. Sweaty Mechanic. Vegas. The Wiggles. Dolphins. New House. Spring Training. Grand Canyon. Lego Land. Swollen Lymph Nodes. Astro. Marathon. Krispy Krispy. Barfing in the car. Danskin. Hawaii. Letters to Santa. Disney with Nana. Playing in the hose. Celtics Win the Championship. Thyroid broke. Fossil Rim. Homerun over the fence. The Dream Team. Going up in the attic. Red Sox Win the World Series. Seizure. Braces. New York. "Tell Dad to check on me." Your Mom Died - Heartbreaking. Sold our Bama House. Hole in your heart. Rhode Island. Portuguese Festival. Summer Sunday Swimming. Blizzard in Minneapolis. Bama wins the National Championship. San Diego - "What's wrong with your face?" Lake House. Boys night out. 3 Days 60 Miles. Wrestling.

I am sure that I missed a bunch of special, wonderful moments. It would be impossible to list them all. We have done a lot. We made two amazing kids together. We have gone a lot of places. We have had a lot of laughs. Lots of good times. Some really sad times. We have had some struggles. Some big. Lots of small. It has been twenty years of my life that I would love to live all over again. Exactly the same. It has been that good.

There is a lot behind us, but there is still a lot in front of us.

I love you.
Always have.
Always will.

Happy Anniversary!


  1. I remember our daily lunch trips out to see the progress on your house building. I had just started working with you. You were a little stressed at that time in your life...and look how it has all turned out. I'm so happy for you. Happy Anniversary!

  2. You brought me to tears. Happy, Happy Anniversary! And how better to celebrate than at the ballpark!

  3. I remember the pre marital years. I especially loved the Christmas Eve party at the Stayhands and when Hubby took a bunch of enebriated chicks to the old airport to spin on ice in his car. What fun! Happy Anniversary to you both! Great couple!