Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday News

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that your weekend is kicking off well. I have been watching the news today and also seen a number of my friends post on Facebook that they are concerned about the potential Government shut down tonight. That is not a good way to start a weekend with all the uncertainty, but hopefully they will work it out here in the last final hours and everyone can carry on as normal.

We are ready for a hot weekend around these parts. It is 94 today and will be 94 tomorrow. What the heck happened to Spring? You know, lovely mild weather in the 70s. Sometimes it lasts a couple weeks, maybe even a month. Around here it feels like we got like four days then WHAM - hello summer! I think it supposed to cool off into the lower eighties next week so maybe it is coming back!

I have Book Club tonight and Bunko tomorrow night! The boys have two "Boys Nights Out". They love those nights. Me too!

In other news.... Harry got his new cell phone today and could not be happier.

Chip got extra recess today and has a baseball game tonight. That makes him very, very happy. Today after school, he walked into the house and started peeling off his clothes. I asked him what he was doing and he said "Getting down to my at home uniform". That meant his undies for those of you not lucky enough to live with the underwear lounger.

I had a good run this morning and that makes me happy! Super slow, but didn't stop! My knees are a little sore today, which is kind of a new thing. They don't hurt really bad, but I am definitely feeling them. Nothing a long hot soak in a hot bath won't fix! I will try that remedy tonight! Might also take some Aleve, just to make sure!

Well, it is time to head out to the ballpark. Those 8U Rangers had an outstanding game on Tuesday night. Beat their opponent 17 - 1! Holy Cow! Tonight we have the number one seed, so I don't expect that kind of a game,but I hope it is at least close!

I hope something great happens for you today to kick off the start of a wonderful weekend!

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