Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Home Repair Streak Continues

We ordered a new cable service. I am so tired of the internet dropping off intermittently, a hundred times a day. I mean...it is bad when you can't get on-line to post a blog, but even more supremely frustrating when you work from home and need the internet to do your job. I have tried to work things through with our current service provider, but I really think it is an unusual technical glitch and they really can't figure it out.

So back to today.

The technician was scheduled to come out between 9 and 11. It was supposed to take up to four hours to rewire our house. I was ready. I had tidied up the house, let my supervisor know I wouldn't be available for several hours today. Bring on the new internet service. Can't wait.

Technician runs a few test. Part of his normal procedure.

There is a problem.


At our house?

No surprises here.

He explained the problem. I am sure someone more technical would understand, but here is what I heard. He opened the box, there was no cable, it was a bridge connection, linked to too many houses, might have to dig a pit, in my backyard and down the road.


Dig a pit? Doesn't that sound deep?

He wanted to know if I wanted him to to the rest of the inside prep work or wait until they figure out if they have to dig a pit or not.

Since I don't even understand the whole pit business, we are definitely waiting. I could totally see him disconnecting everything in our house. Pit diggers come and some other catastrophe happens where we will never have internet service again.

The other Pit Digger guy came out a few minutes ago to assess the need for a pit or not.

Definitely need a pit. Probably two.

Contract workers can get out here in a couple of days.

So glad we waited!

All that to say, we are still rocking the "It's Always Something" home repair/maintenance/improvement issues.

It is a streak that I would like to see end.

I need to call a plumber to repair a toilet and a sink.

I'm scared.

With good reason.

No telling what's going to happen then.


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