Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Pit

Were any of you curious about what "the pit" would look like that was being dug by my new cable installers? No. Oh, then sorry. Log off and come back another time, because I am about to get in picture mode to show you. For the two of you that are left, lets take a look at the back yard. Wow, that is a bigger hole than I thought. To give you some perspective, that is a full sheet of plywood lying on the ground covering the hole. I wasn't expecting the orange netting, but I think it is a nice touch. Makes it seem official. Can't wait to see what Astro thinks about it. I am sure it will be nothing more than something new and fabulous to pee on in the backyard.

I couldn't just take a picture of the top, I lifted up the board to see what was underneath. It's a giant hole. Exactly what you would imagine a pit would be like.

Lots of loose cable wires exposed. I am assuming this is what the guy who comes out tomorrow will be looking for. I hope he can get it rewired pretty easily and we can get on with switching the whole house over. Having said that, I am already chuckling because if I know nothing else about life, I know that with almost certainty it won't be easy and it will take many efforts to get the house switched over. That's okay. It's better when you anticipate it.

I had some spider lilies in the area by the pit. I don't any more. I may go out and try to save a few. I will have to go around the orange fencing. I am sure that is dangerous. I will probably fall in the stupid pit and have to be rescued like baby Jessica. Do you remember how her leg was up by her head when they pulled her out? OUCH. I am sure mine would snap off at that angle.

While out surveying the damage to the lilies I caught a glimpse of my rose bush. It is lovely.

Columbine - also lovely.

You know what will be supremely lovely? To have internet connection that is actually connected. ALL THE TIME!!! So, stay tuned....The cable squad is back tomorrow to finish up. I know you will be so thrilled to see this project through with me! You two are the best!

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