Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ten Random Tidbits

I am going to pound out a quick Ten Random Tidbits because my day is getting away from me and there is no time to upload pictures for my original post idea for today.

Here we go:

1. I was presenting on a teleconference today when someone rang the doorbell. Astro went crazy. Barking his real hard, deep bark. Of course he wasn't at the front door he was standing next to me in my office. It is very unprofessional to be speaking about RFP requirements to your peers and have your dog barking hard in the same room. Also very hard to correct. Either I put the phone on mute so they can't hear the dog, but that also means I put myself on mute and they can't hear me. Second option is to get the dog to shut up without talking. I admit, there was some hard snapping going on and Astro could have cared less. Finally, I resorted to throwing a folder at the dog so he would leave my office. I shut the door behind him. Stupid dog.

2. Pit update. The guy who rang the doorbell was here for the pit. He went in it and did something. Not sure what, since I was still on the phone. Wonder when we might be finished.

3. Chip hates rulers and anything to do with measuring. That is evident because he laid his head down in complete exhaustion when I tried to show him how to start measuring at zero, not at one. I am sure all he heard was "Wa waaa, wah, wah, wah, wah." ala Charlie Brown.

4. I might try one of those Five Hour Energy boosts deals. I need it to help me deal with this afternoon slump where I am typing with one eye closed because I am so drowsy. Anyone out there ever tried one?

5. My run-ins with whole raw chickens continue to give me trouble. Last time, the bird was frozen solid and I couldn't get the stupid gut pack out of the cavity. Today I thawed it out in cold water and the guts came right out. Unfortunately, when I lifted it up to look in the cavity to make sure I got it all, I poured all kinds of raw chicken juice down my shirt. YUCK!!!

6. Friday the boys played regular Monopoly. Sunday they played it again. Yesterday they played Monopoly City. Last night Harry went and bought Triopoly with his birthday money. What the heck?

7. Running sucks so bad when it is 85 degrees at 5:45 a.m. and 1,500% humidity. I mean it sucks pretty bad on a regular weather day, but it ultra sucks on a hot, humid, muggy morning. Don't even get me started on what it does to my hair. Seriously.

8. I love earrings.

9. Words with Friends is very fun. My Dad, Bob, is the biggest smack talker you will ever run across on this simple scrabble game. The funniest thing is he only plays three letter words. He did score a sweet 45 with ZAP yesterday. Today I got a 99 with JETE! Go me!

10. Chip needs braces. Within the next 12 months or so. He is eight and his teeth are a hot mess.

And here is one more bonus tidbit...

After our very, very awful "How to use a Ruler Lesson" that ended with both mother/son - teacher/student being very perturbed I heard a bit of a sob coming from the kitchen. I figured Chip was feeling sad for being so hard headed about using a ruler. I asked him what was wrong. He said through his tears "I need you to take me to the hospital. I have a piece of glass in my leg." I said "WHAT? How did you get glass in your leg." He doesn't know. I tell him I have to look at it. He dances around, making me promise not to touch it, not to even look at it hard. I promise. I hop him up on the counter and look at the back of his leg. It's a scab that has pulled up the little, tiniest bit. I said "That is not glass, that is a scab." He stops crying immediately and says "Oh. Okay, thanks Mom."

Crisis averted.

I am going to hunt down some chocolate. I need it.


  1. Have you ever tried squirting Astro with a water bottle? Works with our dog, but I hear some dogs LIKE it.

    Gosh, I seem to have gotten over my comment posting shyness rather quickly!

  2. I am certain Astro would love the water bottle. The real surprise is that he hardly ever barks. It is very rare and when he does it scares the pee right out of you. I can usually just look at him hard and he will stop, but not today! He was a barking fool.

    So glad you are commenting. I love comments!!

  3. I hope you had some wine to go with that chocolate. I've totally had the dog flipout while on a telecon moment. It is embarrassing but kind breaks up the boringness of the meeting. 1500% humidity? Did you move to Florida?