Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend in Review

Happy Monday Ya'll! Hope your weekend was as productive as mine! Let's recap shall we? I will jump in with a status on the pit. It's big. Ginormous, in fact. So big that the pit digger fellows were here for at least four hours that I know of on Friday. They had some big hydraulic machine in the back helping them plow through the roots and stones.

Here is the enormous pile of debris that was in the hole, but is now in my yard. Not sure if we are switching cable companies or putting in a pool.

Can you tell from this picture how big the tree roots are that the guys are cutting through? The pit is approximately 2 1/2 feet deep and about six feet wide.

Hmmm, I am wondering if they are coming back today for more. Only time will tell.

Friday afternoon was our annual spring carnival at school. Peggy and I were co-chairs for the prize committee. We set up the prizes like a "Chuckie Cheese" and the kids love it. Basically, they go play games and earn plastic coins. The coins are redeemed for a prize.

Have you ever worked at Chuckie Cheese?

One word of advice....


Here is a typical conversation that transpired on Friday night:

Me: Hi sweetheart, are you ready to trade in your coins for a prize.
Random Kid: Nods quietly.
Me: Okay. Let's see how many coins you have.
Random Kid: Holds out sweaty hand and we count the coins together.
Me: You have two coins. So look at these two boards which show you the eight prizes you can pick from. Which one do you want?
Random Kid: Can I have the inflatable sword?
Me: No, that is eight coins. You have two coins so you can pick from these two boards.
Random Kid: Can I have the light up flower ring?
Me: No, that is fifteen coins. You can either get two prizes for one coin or one prize for two coins. Look right here at these eight choices.
Random Kid: Can I get a rainbow baton?
Me: No, again that is eight. Look your eyes this way at these two posters. You can have anything right here, on this poster right here. You can have a finger trap, an alien parachute guy, a blow copter or a necklace.
Random Kid: How many more do I need to get the inflatable alien.
Me: You will need 13 more coins.
Random Kid: How many more do I need to get the stuffed dog.
Me: Six more. (Do they teach math at this school?)
Random Kid: Can I get two finger traps?
Me: YES!!! Oh, yes you can! That is a perfect choice.
Random Kid: Do you have yellow?
Me:, purple, red or green.
Random Kid: No thanks then. I guess I will take the alien guy.
Me: Okay. Also good choice. Here you go.
Random Kid: Can I have a blue one?
Me: No...actually you can't! Move on.

(Keep in mind that there are about forty kids waiting behind this kid and I have been through this scenario about 100 times too many...losing patience quickly.)

We were on our feet for hours and hours, but it is OVER! Can I get a Hallelujah???

Saturday we took some of the giant flat rocks the pit diggers had lifted from the backyard and extended the pathway on the side of the house. That required a trip to Lowe's. While there I picked up some sunshine for my front flower beds.

I can never get anything to grow in this spot. The dirt is awesome, full of worms, turns easily, but dead, dead, dead plants in what I get. I am trying Black-eyed Susan's this year. Wish me luck.

Here are some other lovelies blooming in the front yard.

This is an old football helmet in our garage. A tiny little sparrow has been building a nest in it every time we open the garage door. Not a good place for a nest, so we keep cleaning it out.

Many times this weekend these two brothers faced off in driveway basketball. It was hardcore.

Chip got two points for every basket and Harry got one. Trying to even it out due to obvious height advantage for Harry.

Oh yeah, the guy in the center is the Ref. He had a whistle and he was not afraid to use it.

Sadly. He used it alot. Called lots of fouls. Made lots of shrilling noises.

Let's see if you can just see in the pictures how this turned out.

Man down. Injury on the court.

It wasn't too bad.

His pride was hurt more than his knee.

He asked for a rematch 759 times yesterday afternoon, so we can assume he is fine.

The boys then moved indoors to entertain themselves with a new obsession.


They played it a lot and talked about it even more. Did you know there is an Office version of Monopoly? Me either. Harry wants to buy it with his birthday money.

So that is the highlight reel. There was also some grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning and exercising thrown into the mix but that didn't make the cut.

Hope your week is off to a terrific start!


  1. Here is your Hallelujah!!! And a very special thank you from one Fern Bluff mom (with WAY less patience than you) who did NOT have to work the prize booth.

    Chris has been reading too and has given you the ultimate compliment, "I'm gonna have to move her higher up in my favorites list!"

  2. Thanks for the Hallelujah!! Whew, I had to really dig deep to keep my Prize worker voice and not my Mommy voice on Friday night.

    You tell Chris that I will try to throw in lots of SPORTS talk to keep him interested!!