Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I took a few minutes this morning to look a little more closely at Blogger. Turns out there are some stats about your individual blog that you can review. It was very interesting.

For instance...what do you think is the #1 visited blog I have ever written? Answer: The one about fundraising in front of Wal-mart with the little pink ducks. I have had 100 hits on that post. I assume it is people looking to raise money for the 3Day Walk. I hope it was helpful to them. You can read it here.

Which blog do you think is #2? Would you believe it is the one about my children hating fruit? It is. That one has been hit 74 times. I even have had a couple of anonymous folks leave comments asking for tips/suggestions on getting their kids to eat fruit. It was kinda meant to be funny but I think it might be a real problem. You can refresh your memory here if you missed it. Send helpful hints if you have them. I got nothing.

So, #3? What do you think? It's the Underwear Wrestling one. I mean that one was funny, but are people really searching for underwear wrestling and ending up here. I feel pretty certain they were disappointed with their search engine.

The other stat you can look at is money. You remember several months ago (like four or five months ago) that I left Hubs alone with my blog and its password for about two seconds. In that two seconds he figured out how I could upload pictures faster and easier and added Google ads. Just a small little ad in the corner of my home page. I had no idea how the ad thing worked, but I was ready to just let the money roll in! Maybe I could retire and do this blogging thing full time. Guess how much I have earned in five months? $15.29. Can I retire on $3.52 a month? I don't think so. Dang it!

So a little behind the scenes action for today! It was fun for me! Learning something new all the time!

I am working on another blog that I hope to get posted today! So check back if you are feeling froggy!

Have an awesome Wednesday!

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