Monday, May 16, 2011

Bob and Lana Make it to Vegas - Third Installment

Blogger has been a bit of a hot mess. First it was down all day Thursday. Then came back late afternoon on Friday, but lots of my previous posts were missing. I was scared to touch it.

It all came back up on Saturday and I think it is now back to normal.

I have a lot to cover too! Here are some teasers of other subjects we must cover soon. Just something to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Teaser 1 - Chip High Fives Rey (thrill of a lifetime!)
Teaser 2 - Carbs (Did I fall off the wagon? Did the wagon run me over?)
Teaser 3 - Lakeside Birthday Club (Great idea? Dumb idea?)
Teaser 4 - Recurring Dream - (So Scary I Remember It Vividly)

Enough of that! Just come back okay!

Let's get on with Bob and Lana's trip. They have done a lot since I last posted. Here are the highlights:

1. Drove through a monsoon to arrive in Oklahoma City. Bob said waves were actually washing over their minivan. Bob exaggerates. Nonetheless, it was treacherous.

2. Went to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Site. Said it was so moving. It puts you right into the exact time of day that it happened. They said it was very memorable.

3. Ate dinner at some Stock Yard in Oklahoma City where the service was exceptional and the steak was like butter. They really liked it.

4. There was some hard talking about an Indian Nation Turnpike or toll road that they unfortunately got on. Had to pay a toll every few miles. Not sure what day this was, but made me laugh to hear the talk of all the starting and stopping.

5. Drove to Albuquerque. No driving incidents in Albuequerque. Smooth sailing. Did a little antique shop; gift shop carousing.

6. Bob fancies himself as part Indian since he doesn't have much chest hair. I think that is really all he has ever based his heritage on. Not much chest hair. Anyway, being that he is part Indian (no actual proof of this or family line heritage to confirm this) he was able to figure out that there was an Indian Reservation nearby with a casino. Bob used all his connections and they scored $30 in free play. Or, maybe they just signed up for the free casino card. I can't be sure. They played for a while (easy to do on the nickel machine with $30)and that was fun.

7. Next day, they headed to Flagstaff. They stopped at some exciting sites. The Painted Desert and the biggest meteor site in the world. Or something like that. It is a giant hole made by a meteor. Big. We have been there before and all we got was a cut on little Chip's forehead when he was blown down by the crosswinds. Lana couldn't say enough about how beautiful the Painted Desert was. She recommends highly.

8. Bob was pulled over by a State Park officer in the Painted Desert State Park for following his travel companion too close. Bob thought it was a crock. She let him off with a warning.

9. Flagstaff was stunningly beautiful.

10. Headed to the Grand Canyon. Saw it. It is big. It is spectacular. Bob knows that pictures could not, would not do it justice. He took lots anyway. Went to the giftshop.

11. Talked about the glass walkway built out over the Grand Canyon. He said it was $70 or something to go out on, but even more off putting was that it was 280 miles away from where they were. They were happy to look over the rail.

12. They arrived in Las Vegas yesterday afternoon. Got settled into their condo. Hit Hard Rock Casino for a couple of hours and Wal-mart to stock up on some food for the week. They will be in Vegas for five nights!

Whew - They have been busy, busy, busy! Lots of miles under their belt. And....they still have to drive back home!

Holy Cow!

That is all for now! Hope you have enjoyed this peek into their adventure!

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  1. Good to have you back! I would love to meet Bob next time he is in town. You describe him so vividly that I feel like we are old friends. We were happy to look over the rail too, for all the same reasons!