Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bob and Lana Take Las Vegas - First Installment

I heard from the world travellers last night and they safely arrived somewhere in Arkansas. It took them a mere 12 hours to cover 522 miles. Were they walking, you ask? No, they were driving, but they had to maneuver around the floods in Memphis. Not sure if you are watching the news or not, but they are having some BIG time flooding there. The travellers said they saw water up to the top of electrical wires on telephone poles. That is deep.

Once they managed to get through Memphis they came upon a section of I40 in Arkansas that was also closed due to flooding. Who knew it was also affecting Arkansas? Not me.

Good News - the state troopers were detouring folks around the flood.

Bad News - the detour was about 70 miles out of their way!

Lana may or may not have taken one or more of her "take the edge" off pills to keep her sense of humor during the arduous drive. Bob probably took one as soon as they stopped.

Funniest part of the report was that Bob says "We finally made it to the Queen of Diamonds hotel. We were a little worried. It sounded like a kind of hotel you might check into and be the only guests. It isn't. It is really nice."

They were settling in for a well deserved good night's rest and waking up today to pan for gold or mine for diamonds or something else to do with precious natural resources. They are wild and crazy those kids!

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