Monday, May 23, 2011

Celebrating Chip

Yesterday, our little Chipster turned nine years old. Let's take a little walk down memory lane with pictures. It is important to note that in the first picture in this virtual scrapbook Chip was five months old. This was the first picture we took of him not screaming his head off. He was a colicky little fellow and spent the first year of his life screaming like his hand was stuck in a car door. He was also quite barfy, sweaty and stiff. Otherwise, he was lovely.

He's cute, he's cool, he's a music lover, he's a dancer, he's an early riser, he's an awesome reader, he's a cuddle bunny (but still kinda sweaty), loves a bowl of rice, a hot bath, chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven with a cold cup of milk, he falls asleep faster than any other human on earth, he has a mean fade away basketball shot, he can knock the cover off of a baseball and stretch at first to catch a ball like a pro, he has a bit of an attitude sometimes but thankfully it is usually contained within the four walls of our home, he loves his family, especially his brother Harry, he's a fan of the WWE, he has the sweetest smile and the kindest eyes, he is gentle but tough, he is funny, he is charming, he is so wonderful that I am just beaming as I write this.

This kid started off as a challenging baby. I mean really challenging. Like at his three month appointment I said to the doctor "We are going to need a full body x-ray on this one. He is missing an organ, has a broken bone, something is WAAAYYYY wrong. He never stops crying and is so unhappy." The doctor smiled and said "It's colic. It's horrible. He won't remember a thing. Can I give you something to help you get through it?" I was apparently so desperate the doctor was offering me sedatives or something. I didn't take them. But I kept the doctor's number on speed dial on my cell phone and carried it around with me everywhere.

We survived. It was not easy. The doctor was right. Chip has no recollection of his difficult beginning. I still can't look at baby pictures of him without having heart palpitations. It was extreme.

And now, he definitely keeps me on my toes but now it is because he is extreme bowling in the garage with weights or chopping up some piece of wood in the front yard with an ax or taking my good containers out to catch lizards or asking me to turn on the radio within 1.5 seconds of starting the car. Every single time we get in. No exceptions. Doesn't matter if I am in the middle of a sentence, talking to someone else, on the phone, telling him where we are going or what we are doing. Doesn't matter. Can you turn on 20 on 20s?

Would I trade him for ALL the money in the world? No way.
Would I trade him for ALL the money and ALL the gold in the world? Not for a second.
Would I trade him for a skinny body that could eat all the carbs it wanted without ever gaining a pound? Never.

In fact, there is nothing on earth I would trade him for. You see, my Chip is a keeper. He is going to do exciting stuff, because he is just hard headed enough to do whatever he sets his mind too. The possibilities are endless and the world is his playground.

I am just so proud to be his mom. It's not the easiest job in the world, but it IS the absolute best job in the world.

I love you Chip. You amaze me. You make me so proud. I hope your birthday was everything you wanted and more. I am so excited to watch you become a young man. You fill my heart with love and I hope you know how blessed I feel to be your mom. I'm the lucky one.

Love you to the moon and back!

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  1. Well he may have been a challenging baby, but the cuteness factor has to make up for it! LOVE the picture of him in his Red Sox uniform with Dad in the background!