Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chip and Rey - Thrill of a Lifetime

Chip's birthday is in a few short days. He is going to be nine. I can't stand it.

As part of his birthday celebration he got tickets to see the "WWE: Smackdown Live Tour". That is a wrestling event people. Keep up.

He was thrilled. Rey Mysterio, his all time favorite wrestler, is in Smackdown. He was so excited that he was going to actually get to see Rey!

Oh wait, there was one small glitch. The WWE had their draft a couple of weeks ago and Rey got traded to Raw. Raw is the other WWE division.

Did you not know that the WWE had two divisions? You didn't know that the WWE had a draft? Seriously, come out of your cave. Of course they do. And, you didn't know that they just trade all the existing wrestler's back and forth between Smackdown and Raw? Goodness gracious, how do you get dressed by yourself in the morning? This is common information. You should really be hip to these things. All the cool people know all about this stuff.

Okay, we have already established that I am not cool. So, the gig is up and I join you in WWE ignorance. Why have a draft when you don't have any new players? It doesn't matter and we really shouldn't spend another moment discussing it.

This draft information is only important for one reason and one reason only.

It is a week before Chip is scheduled to see his all time favorite wrestler in Smackdown, and they traded him to Raw. Chip was disappointed. He was sad. He knew he would still like the Smackdown show, but was so looking forward to seeing Rey in person and now that was just a pipe dream.

OR WAS IT?????

Sunday afternoon arrived, the show started with some big free for all fight with eight or ten wrestlers. It was chaotic.

The next event they announce is going to be a rematch from Wrestlemania. They annouce the first contender and it is Cody Rhodes. The place went crazy. Cause they all knew that Cody Rhodes fought Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania. Rey was there. Rey was in the HOUSE! He was fighting Cody Rhodes AGAIN.

These two have had an intense battle going on since Rey accidently broke Cody's face, causing him to wear this unsightly plastic face guard for the rest of his life. It has scarred Cody for life and he has been wanting revenge since it happened. They have fought approximately 38 times since the incident. I don't even know who is getting revenge on who anymore.

Refocus please...that history is neither here nor there. The big, exciting news is that Rey was there.

Did I mention that Chip was in the fourth row? Fourth row. Wrestler sweat was flying all over them.

Hello fourth row. You guys are close. Big brother so sweet to go and act excited with his little brother. I assume there was some bartering that if Harry went to this and behaved that Chip would have to stay for the ENTIRE MLB All-Star game in July.

Chip got an "OFFICIAL" Rey mask of his own. The little kid one from the toy department that he got at Christmas wouldn't even fit on his big skull. This one fit. It was also 8 times more expensive than the toy version. Highway robbery. He slept in it Sunday night.

So Rey comes out. Does he pre-game, pre-match, ritual of showing everyone his stomach, tattoos and muscles.

Then Cody Rhodes starts kicking Rey's butt all over that ring.

I mean he was wearing Rey out inside and outside the ring.

That is a good thing though. At least in wrestling, the guy who usually gets his butt kicked at first usually wins. This is good news for Rey, cause he is getting killed.

What is this move? Okay Rey it is time to make your move.

HERE IT COMES!! THE 6 - 1 - 9!

This is Rey's signature move. I think it is his area code or something.

He smashes Cody Rhodes in the face AGAIN!!! Good thing he had his plastic mask on.

Not sure what is happening in this picture but it is not good for Cody.

Match over - Rey wins! Rey Wins! Rey Wins!

Rey is always the underdog. Chip saw him win a match!!

Then Rey comes down and starts shaking hands. Chip puts on his new mask and pushes toward the front.

Right here, in this picture, Rey has Chip's hand. They are touching. He went back a few steps to high five another kid and came back again and Chip high fived him AGAIN!


It was thrilling for Chip.

I was thrilled for Chip!

Good start to this birthday celebration!

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  1. Ahhh!!! I found myself thrilled reading this story. So happy for Chip. He's going to be on cloud 9 for days...or weeks.