Thursday, May 19, 2011


My little pumpkin got an EEG Tuesday. This EEG was done to see if he had outgrown his Benign Rolandic Epilepsy and could get off the medicine he has been on for a couple of years. The medicine he takes is called Keppra and it prevents him from having seizures. We need to be sure his brainwaves are behaving nicely before we take him off the Keppra. I never want to re-live the night of his one and only seizure ever again.

Scary stuff.

Anyway, on Tuesday I took my camera to the appointment. Chip kept asking what it looked like with all the wires attached to his head and I thought I could snap a picture and show him real quick. He liked that idea.

So come along and see what it looks like to get an EEG!

Here is the box with all the wires. Aren't I very technical?

Measure the head of the patient. That makes him laugh.

Start looking for some scalp under all that hair.

Attach 24 different colored wires on different areas of the brain.

Look at the back of his head.

First step is to close your eyes then open them. Second step is to take deep breaths for 3 minutes.

Then stare into a strobe light while it flashes at alternating speeds, trying to throw you into a seizure.

After that, please take a nap! Seriously, take a nap for about 20 minutes.

I won't even tell you about Chip's Dad falling asleep next to the bed, while Chip was trying to fall asleep. He did that big herky jerky thing that you do when you are just falling asleep and you step off a curb or something. Scared me and the EEG technician to death. I think he might have even been drooling.

Anyway, waiting to hear from the doctor to see what the results were. Keeping fingers crossed that he can get off the Keppra. But if he has to take it for another year or so that will be fine too!

Just no more seizures, please!

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