Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Eight Minutes....

That is all the time I have today to post to my blog. A few points I must make:

1. AT&T is killing me.

2. New internet, cable and phone system finally installed yesterday after pit digging, inadvertently turning off my phone, pit covering, lots of down time in between.

3. Today, I have a temporary phone number until my old phone number makes it through some process and can be my active phone number again. I miss my old phone number.

4. Today, my main TV doesn't work.

5. Tomorrow, AT&T will return for repairs. I am trying really hard to remain positive.

6. I think I am allergic to all things electronic.

7. Today, I said a cuss word, out loud, during my Bible Study group because I accidentally hit some button on the new remote that suddenly gave me a screen full of white snow and no volume. I am sure God was not impressed. It was not good. What was good. No in fact, what was amazing was a video we watched by Louie Giglio. If you have never seen him, you must watch his video on creation. AMAZING!

8. It is an early release day from school. Chip loves those. Me - not so much.

9. My work account is FINALLY up and running after the terrible tornadoes in Bama. I have much to do and don't even know where to start after six days of not having access to my files.

10. We have no food in our house.

11. I am still carb free. This is day four. I finally feel like I might not die.

12. I woke up late this morning and had only 9 minutes to get dressed and out the door to meet Martha at 5:45 a.m.

13. I skipped my normal routine.

14. It resulted in an urgent bathroom situation. I will spare you the details of the clench/unclench technique that Chip taught me months ago. It worked. I made it home. Thank you Chip.

15. Coffee saves my life.

My eight minutes is up....

Hope your day has more ups than downs! Hope your spot on the golf ball is a tiny little piece of paradise (a little Louie reference!)


  1. It is AT&T's purpose in life to rain down pain and suffering on all. I hope you survive, 'cause I would miss your funny posts!

  2. That was too hysterical! I'm not sure which is the funnier vision - #7 or #14. You are awesome!