Friday, May 20, 2011

Heading into the Weekend

I have a lot on my mind today, so I am just going to ramble. It is what I do.

Work is busy. Lots of phone calls, emails, reading of Government documents. Good times. They want to have a teleconference tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. Tomorrow is Saturday, people. They don't care.

Harry turned in his last project today. Final exams are next week. He gets to exempt 4 of his 8! Way to go Harry! One more week of school!

I took a big cookie up to Chip's class to celebrate his birthday. Someone else's mom brought donuts. Can you say "sugar overload?" He got to stand on his desk as they serenaded him with the "Happy Birthday" song. He had his hands up in the air swaying like he was in a concert. Crazy kid.

Harry brought home some of his writing assignments he had worked on throughout his freshman year. His homework assignment was to have his parents review and comment on five things he had written. Of course, I had to hear of this homework assignment from my walking buddy Martha at 5:45 this morning. So I was thrilled to remind Harry at 7:45this morning. I had about 20 minutes to look through his things but what I read was awesome. His teacher was just outstanding this year. You could tell that he read every single word that the kids wrote on their assignments. There were stars, happy faces, comments, cheers, jeers left by his teacher on his work. I really wish every kid could have a year with Mr. Chalk. He is awesome.

My boys have gone to a ballgame tonight. I am heading to Book Club in a bit. Can't wait for a glass of wine. Seriously. Maybe more than one. Next month is my month to pick. I hate picking. I love reading. But I hate picking. Too much pressure to pick a good book. I think I am going with "Cutting for Stone" unless too many of them have already read it. Fingers crossed that it is a good book!

Bob and Lana have left Vegas and were snarled in a traffic jam when I spoke to them this afternoon. They are heading into Phoenix tonight. They will be here on Wednesday! I can't wait. Would it be rude to have a toilet valve replacement kit in their "Welcome" basket? I need help with my downstairs toilet! Badly.

That is all I have. Must get to Target to finish up Chip's birthday shopping!

Closing ceremonies for baseball tomorrow, followed by the Player's Choice game, pick up birthday cake at the bakery and work. Birthday party for Chip on Sunday afternoon and work. Not too bad!

Hope your weekend is beautiful and you have a glass of wine in your immediate future!!

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  1. You could suggest Steven Tyler's (lead singer for Aerosmith) new book . . . Does The Noise in My Head Bother You? It's on my to be read list!

    I am LOVING the Janet Evanovich series of books too. Stephanie Plum is the lead character.

    Just thought I'd throw those out!