Friday, May 6, 2011


Don't you just love that title? It is slang for "Hey there!" or "Hello" or something like that. I am really not cool enough to use "Holla" in my day to day life, but I am totally taking a risk and using it here with my six loyal readers! Holla, Six!

Maybe I will start calling my readers "Six" as a collective group.

Nah, I am probably not cool enough to do that either.

What am I cool enough to do? Well, I am cool enough to get the sweetest Mother's Day Card ever from my eight year old son. He couldn't stand to wait until Sunday so he gave it to me this afternoon right after school. I need to take a picture of it and share with Six. (That really isn't working is it?) The card is precious. It says things like, "Dear Mom. you make me grin every time I see you. The best part however is the top ten things he listed about me. Here they are in order:

1. Funny (Thank you.)
2. Awesome (Again, thank you.)
3. Cool (Really? Please read above.)
4. Always Happy (Have we met?)
4. Athletic (Two number 4s! That means I got a top eleven things! But really? Did you think it was father's day? Athletic? I can walk and jog a slow, slow shuffle. Does that count as athletic?)
5. Great Cook (How hard is it to steam white rice?)
6. Perfect (Let me introduce myself to you young man, because obviously we are complete strangers.)
7. KIND (All caps? Thank you, but don't you remember me yelling at you just yesterday for dumping out an entire cooler of water in the back seat of the Suburban? That wasn't kind. At all.)
8. The Best (I'm going to fix your favorite dinner every night for a week, you sweet, sweet boy!)
9. Never Mean (Seriously. Hi, there young Chip. My name is Mom. I think you call me mean at least once a week. How can I NEVER be mean if you call me mean all the time? Oh sorry, was that mean?)
10. Great (I love this kid.)

I told him that this card was good enough to make up for him forgetting Mother's Day when he is 22. I know he is going to forget. Sometime. It won't break my heart either. I will go find this ginormous pink card he made me today and I will just be automatically happy, happy, happy! It is that good!

I hope your weekend is off to a terrific start!


  1. Well, you are certainly raising a totally cool kid! Happy Mother's Day to you. Signed, Member of "SIX".

  2. What a great kid! You are awesome! Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!! One of the six. ;o)