Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Back....

So sorry for dropping off the map for a week. I didn't mean for that to happen, but life just got in the way.

This will catch you up on our lives this past week and we can start fresh today:

* Cleaning. Cooking. Shopping. Laundry.

* Mer and Grandpa and Sally and Ed (their travel companions) arrived on Wednesday morning. Chip skipped school to greet them.

* Sally was allergic to cats, so she and Ed had to get a hotel. Felt so bad.

* In less than 24 hours Bob fixed a toilet. Mer built a weedeater. We ate. We laughed. The Championship Basketball game went to Hubby and Harry. Bob might have pulled something. Mer was dizzy.

* End of year party. Finals. Three hour teleconferences. Laundry. Laundry. Cleaning. Cooking. Laundry. Cleaning.

* Callie, Megan and Patrick arrived on Thursday evening.

* Shopping. Finals. Eating. Laughing. Late to pick up Chip on his last day of school. Not laughing. Worst mother of the year.

* Now the proud parent of a sophomore and a fourth grader! YIKES!

* Harry jumped into a pool with his new phone. Son of a .....

* Freebirds. Bat Watching.

* Bike Riding. Carlos and Charlies. Shopping. Touring.

* San Antonio. Magic Time Machine. The Marketplace. Quick Tour. Chuys.

* Hiking and Bull Creek. Threadgills. Shopping. Shopping. Eating.


It has been a busy couple of days, but this morning our company is gone. We had a wonderful visit and too many hard, side splitting laughs to count. I just love our family.

I am back to my exercise routine this morning...and we did our run even though it was hot and humid. So sweaty. Gross. So necessary. Did you see all the eating out we have been doing? Need to exercise morning and night.

So ahh...it is Tuesday morning. Boys are snoozing. Hubby is heading back to work. After the big summer kickoff weekend we will now try to settle into what our normal summer routine is going to look like. I have a whole new video game policy we are going to implement. The boys will be thrilled I am sure.

Welcome summer. It is so nice to see you!

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