Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lakeside and Las Vegas - Second Installment

So much to share! Here we go!

My second visit to Lakeside Apartments as the Craft Queen was today. I was feeling kinda grumpy when I woke up this morning. Impending period is my first guess, but it could be that I didn't get to walk, or the ginormous outbreak of acne on my chin, or the fact that I went up in weights in my BodyPump class and I couldn't move my arms or legs without wincing in pain. Real pain. Real acne. Do you see how my morning was starting on shaky ground?

Anyway...I tried to reset myself by reading a few inspirational scriptures. I was going to be serving others and needed to be exuding some God love, not the way I felt personally. I found just the right scripture and thought it was an omen that the day was going to be great.

Then I woke Chip up.

That wasn't bad at all. In fact, I really enjoy him when he is a little sleepy and just greeting his day. All was well through his bath and breakfast and then it was time for him to get dressed.

His shirt was itchy.

The second shirt he tried felt terrible.

The third shirt he put on wasn't good either.

I threatened to beat him. We hadn't even gotten to the socks yet and that is a whole other drama.

Finally got him out the door to school with some of my hair left - but very little patience.

Okay - reset again.

Serving Others...Exuding Joy...Deep Breath...Ahhhhh

Then Harold woke up.

Harold had to get to school early to retake a Biology test he had done poorly on. Hubs had a meeting, I was leaving for Lakeside, it was a bit of a scheduling problem. Solution, Harry had to go to school an entire hour early. He only needed about 20 minutes to retake the test, but the only way for us to get him there was to get him there supremely early. He was not happy. My acne was throbbing. I could barely raise my arms to brush my teeth. Aggravation all around.

Then with that drama behind me, I loaded my car with all the craft goods and three of my girlfriends. We headed down to Lakeside. We arrived and unloaded the car into the Community Room.

Hi, everyone. Wow, its hot in here.

There is no air conditioner.


The air conditioner is out.

Oh. I immediately start sweating. Sweating profusely. I won't even try to describe to you the crazy stuff my hair started doing in that humidity. It took on a life of its own. A bad life. A frizzy life. A "You Should Always Wear a Hat" life.

All the volunteers, probably about 10 or 12 of us gather around for the instructions and a quick prayer before we let the residents in. The lady in charge is named Cindy. She is new to this business and we fancy ourselves as partners of sorts. New gals each doing a little piece so it doesn't feel so overwhelming. She went through all the directions of what we would be doing and then got choked up telling us about a friend of her daughters that died over the weekend. A fifteen year old girl. So sad.

As she is wrapping up, she looks at me and says "I hate to put you on the spot, but I am a little emotional, will you please lead the prayer for us?"


I don't do that.

I don't pray out front of other people.

I cuss at Bible Study for crying out loud.

I am not cut out for this. I cut out flowers. I glue stuff. I hole punch things.

I DO NOT pray out loud.

In panic, my immediate prayer is this: "God, if you have ever loved me, please just suck me into a BLACK HOLE right now!!!"

He didn't. He obviously knows this will not kill me.

So, I did it. I think I did fine. I spoke from my heart and tried to sound like it wasn't my first time ever. It felt pretty good when I was done.

Talk about sweating. Talk about Martha getting a huge chuckle about it. She knows me. She knew the internal panic that set in as soon as Cindy uttered the words.

Anyway, it was time to let the good Lakeside folks in and get them fed.

As a result of the warm room I think, we had fewer residents join us than last time. Lots just took their food to go and went back up to their air conditioned apartments. Some brave souls stayed. They made May Baskets with us. We visited.

I was talking with a resident named Mary while we were working on crafts and just as we were cleaning up I thanked her for coming down and visiting with us. Here is what she said "I love when you guys come. Every single one of you have a huge smile, like you just love being here and serving. Joy just comes pouring out of all of you. It is all over your face."

How cool is that? Making a difference. Spreading some JOY! YAY!!! That is good stuff. Made my whole day. Maybe my whole week.

So....part two - Bob and Lana Take Las Vegas Second Installment

Bob and Lana went diamond digging yesterday. It is a huge field that a tractor drives over and turns up the dirt. You rent buckets and sifters and head out into this giant field to look for diamonds. I asked Bob how it was. He said "Don't put it on your Bucket List." Made me laugh. He said several months ago someone found a 6.2 carat yellow diamond. That would be cool. Lana found some tiny shiny thing that I don't think anyone could even classify. It was enough.

The did a little shopping in and around the small town. A little antiquing, some lunch, some dinner. Lots of eating going on for them. Getting to bed early to get up and head to Oklahoma City today. All I have heard of their day so far is that they drove through a huge storm and Lana did not have time to take one of her "Just to Take the Edge Off" pills. That could have made for some very interesting driving for Bob. I hope she didn't scream.

Anyway, they were heading to dinner at a Stockyard tonight, so I will catch up with them later to hear all about driving through the storm. More to report then.

Is this the longest post ever?

Do I have a word counter on this thing?

Will anyone still be reading?

Leave me a comment if you read the whole thing top to bottom.

I might buy you a present.

Or at least thank you for your time and patience!

Good Bye!


  1. Oh my Lord! I read the entire post and then read it out loud to my family! I couldn't quit laughing! You truly have a way with words! Love you!

  2. I feel your pain. You are such a paragon of patience. Please share some with me. Jason REALLY wants you to share some with me.

    Could my gift please be a long post everyday? I look forward to my daily chuckle!

  3. Died laughing. I totally get the praying out loud panic. I am so proud of you. not sure I could have said yes. And martha was right there? I totally would have passed it along to her. : )
    Way to grow!

  4. Thanks Sailorgirl - you must have the patience of a saint!