Monday, May 2, 2011

Let's Visit

I have missed you dear blog readers. All seven of you! Missed you terribly. This post won't hold a candle to the Royal Wedding or the Osama Bin Laden news, but regardless, let me catch you up on the goings on around our place!

First of all, the family in Bama is slowly but surely getting electricity restored. Clean up is ongoing and will be for some time. Hot showers are happening though and that just puts a better spin on everything.

We had a nice weekend around here. Here are the highlights:

* The 8U Rangers took home a win from the mighty Astros and it felt great. Chip had an awesome game as did the entire squad.

* I went to the Garden Store (always a favorite activity) and planted some new plants. Cleaned up, spruced up, cut, trimmed, weeded a backyard that had gone to the dogs. Feeling much better about that situation.

* Watched my husband get pulled up and around and all over the yard by an aerating machine. It was entertaining and hopefully also good for the grass.

* I took pictures of Beth's son Kyle who was decked out for his junior prom. His date....STUNNING. I am certain, that even at a young sixteen or seventeen I could not have held a candle to this knockout. I wish I could tell you how demoralizing it was to be in her presence after working in the yard all day with no shower. It was "Beauty and the Beast" for sure. I was the Beast and couldn't wait to get home and fix my hair.

* Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Always delicious.

* Harry started working on his Driver's Ed on-line program this weekend. Interest is at an all time peak. Spurred on by the V Family shopping for a new car. Last week he could have cared less this week his screensaver is a loaded dream car Camero and he is talking constantly about cars he loves. I had him look up the sweet 1980 Plymouth Horizon (death trap) and 1973 Ford LTD (boat) that were my first cars. He was frightened. I think beyond getting those two models he will be happy with whatever.

* Slept in until 9:00 a.m. on Sunday. AWESOME!!!

* Temperature was in the mid 90's on Saturday. Today it is a high of 58. What the heck?

* Me and my girl Beth are going carb free for the month of May. Started yesterday. I have a carb withdraw headache today. We are not doing crazy carb free - we are merely cutting out all bread, rice, pasta, white potatoes and sweets. Still a ton of healthy choices left to eat. I'll keep you posted.

* Started working on my Lakeside crafts for our May visit. I cut out 175 flower shapes for May baskets. About 225 more to go. Hubby punched holes in 100 plastic cups. On my way to getting organized.

* Chip had a follow up appointment with his Neurologist this morning. We are past the two year anniversary of his seizure, so the doctor recommended a follow up EEG. We are going on May 17th to see if his brain activity has returned to normal. If it is, he is going to be able to stop taking his epilepsy medicine. Yea! I will keep you posted.

I must get to work. Lots to do and not enough hours to do it!

Have a splendid week...I'll be back tomorrow!!

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