Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

First of all - Holla to Sandy and Liz who were so quick to jump on the old "Six" bandwagon! Thanks girls! Wonder where the other four regulars are??? Hello? Holla? Knock, this thing on?

Anyway, enough of that craziness. We had a nice weekend around here! Very relaxing. In fact, I slept in until almost 9:00 both Saturday and Sunday. Unheard of....but oh so lovely!

Saturday, I worked on the Lakeside Craft preparation for about 8 hours. It was a long drawn out affair. Hubs helped for a couple of hours and I still have stuff to finish up. Note to self: Must come up with easier crafts!!! Actually it is not that the crafts are hard, it is just that I am trying to make it easier than easy for the residents and that just takes time. I really enjoy the prep, cutting, gluing, tracing, sorting...its right up my alley.

Saturday, I also weighed myself and was thrilled to see that I was down about 3.5 pounds. THANK YOU GOD! Finally, some movement in the right direction. Carbs are evil and now that I have been through the terrible detox from them I feel so much better. No cravings. Able to make much better choices. Happy all around with the low carb situation. I plan to keep it up!

On Saturday night we met the V Family for a late dinner and it was Mexican. No chips, no tortillas, no carbs for me. I ate the tops of two tostados and was perfectly happy. Hubs even got an order of sopapillas and that didn't even bother me.

On Sunday the boys showered me with gifts. I got a new wreath that I had been drooling over at Hobby Lobby for the front door. Will take a picture soon. The boys think it is the ugliest thing they have ever seen.

Boys are stupid.

I also got a new coffee maker. You know I love me some coffee. That baby has been fired up a couple of times already!

To wrap up the Mother's Day events we went out to PF Changs for linner. You read that right. Reservations were at 4:15 which means it is definitely somewhere between Lunch and Dinner which makes Linner.

I love PF Changs. I had lettuce wraps and Mongolian Beef with this zippy Blackberry Zinger iced tea. YUMMY! My boys don't love PF Changs, but they managed. I thought I had made some pretty good low carb choices, but my choices must have been loaded with salt. My scale was not so nice this morning. Not going to panic. Just making good choices today and drinking lots of water. Hope it snaps back!

So good times all around.

With the following exceptions, which were not good times this weekend: Arguing with Chip about renting a video game called Tron that I am not even sure exists. Arguing with Harry about how soon he needs to start on his World Geography project that is due Thursday. I think he should already be done - he thinks he should crank it out on Wednesday night.

Monday hasn't been too bad. Wrapping up lots of loose ends with work and that always feels terrific!

Heading to the gym tonight for a little BodyCombat.

Wonder who I am going to pretend to kick in the face tonight? So many choices.

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

P.S. Bob and Lana left for their 19 day trip to Las Vegas this morning. They are driving from Bama and apparently going the LONG way. Can't wait to hear about their adventures!

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  1. I am a bit psychic and I foresee another installment in the Bob Chronicles series! 19 day road trip? Possibly many installments. Congrats on the weight loss. No carbs is tough!