Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Houston Recap

Again, with the work.

I'm busy.

Nine and ten hour days.

I bore myself with all this work talk.

Let's recap our weekend in Houston while I still have a few brain cells left.

Kicked it off eating at a place called Fajita Willie's. Super yummy.

Arrived in Houston. Traffic wasn't terrible for Friday afternoon.

We passed this big statue, which makes me laugh.

We arrived at the Inn at the Ballpark which is one of our all time favorite hotels.

Inside the lobby.

Right across the street from the ballpark.

The big boys went to a memorabilia show.

Harry got Evan Longoria's autograph on a jersey.

Daddy got Carlton Fisk's autograph on a Fenway Park seat back.

Happy collectors.

This was Chip's face when I told him we were going to the Art Museum.

Doesn't he look happy? I told you there was a little resistance, right?

We arrive at our destination.

Boys seem happy enough at the ticket booth.

Walked on some big photos. Thought it looked promising.

Then we got to the real art.

Hmmm. Huh? Hmmm. Huh?

Hmmm. Huh? Hmmm. Huh?

Hmmm. Huh? Hmmm. Huh?

GET US OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we went to an Astros game.

Real smiles.

Harry caught a ball during batting practice and let Chip have it. I love this picture of Chip's little hand with this ball. I took 78 pictures of it, but this one was my favorite.

Chip entertaining himself with his necklace.

The short sweet walk across the street to the hotel. A good night's sleep for all and back to reality.

It was a fun weekend.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mark It Off The List

Today, while we were in Houston for the Astros game I talked my boys in to going to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Visiting an Art Museum was #49 on my List of Things To Do Before I am 50 List.

They were a little resistant.

Chip may have said that he would rather be thrown in a shark tank with meat strapped to his back.

But I didn't consider that too not much resistance.

We went.

It wasn't awesome.

We are not art lovers apparently.

Harry says to me, "Mom, I think when you come to an art museum you should be prepared to look for the three B's. Butts, Balls, and Boobs. Why are all these people naked?"

Cracked me up.

Also hysterical to see the look on Chip's face. You cannot put a statue of a naked man in front of a nine year old and not get some awesome facial expressions.

The museum "guards" or the employees that were stationed in each room to make sure no one touched anything or took pictures of anything were crawling all over that place.

Our family stuck out like sore thumbs. Dad was giving really quiet funny commentary after studying each piece. Things like "I call this one Black with a Little Bit of Red. I call this one Square. I call this one Notebook Paper."

It was all Chip could do not to pee his pants he was laughing so hard. Harold was right there with them.

Those guards were watching us like hawks.

I think they thought we were going to try to steal something.

We wouldn't want it. We don't appreciate art.

We walked around with a "Huh?" look on our faces most of the time.

Did you know Picasso has a whole slew of paintings called "Seated Woman"? I did not. I thought they made a mistake on the card. I was going to point it out to one of the guards. Man, I am glad I didn't.

There was a whole display of tiny barbie clothes. They were stapled together and hung from the ceiling. Huh?

Tiny miniature hats. Like John Deer hats. Huh?

I thought it was interesting, but I was worried about my people accidentally touching something or knocking over a statue. I couldn't relax and enjoy the art. Maybe it would be better without small kids. Or maybe I will never darken the hallway of an art museum again. Either way, I think I would be fine with it.

AND....then Chip barfed. He did. He really did. Not in the museum, but at the hotel. We are out of town, right? That's the way it goes with us.

I am thrilled, however, that I get to mark another thing off my list! That is eleven down and thirty nine to go! Check on what I have left to do here!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Coming Up for Air

After Wednesday's epic bike ride, things have been moving along pretty well.

A little better in fact.

That proposal I have been working on nine hours a day, every day, was extended. We are not supposed to let that extension affect the frantic manic schedule we are keeping, but it always does. Whew. I needed a breather. Still lots to do, but more time to get it done.

Now that I have come up for air, let's see what else is going on around here.

Harry met the cross-country team at a local middle school to do hill work last night. Hill work sounds awful, doesn't it? It was a big hill, too. I saw it. Running is hard on a flat surface. Running up a hill is practically torture. And if you could see the gentle inclines that I call "hills" it would astound you. You may not be able to tell it is a hill if you are in a car, but start running and you immediately can tell where there is a change in incline. I have girlfriends who love running up hills. Says it makes them feel like they are really working hard and building muscles. All I ever think while going up a hill is "OMG, this is a hill. Must stop immediately. Heart is going to explode. I'm dying. Lungs are collapsing. Help me!!!" Seriously, this is the dialog going on in my head. It's no surprise that I am a terrible runner. But I am persistent, so I will keep trying.

Harry did fine. He said it was hard, but he did not throw up and he did not quit, so winner, winner, chicken dinner! So proud of him.

Laundry is almost caught up. I got to the grocery store so we finally have food. I mailed some terribly delinquent Father's Day cards (sorry Bob!) I finally hung the new blinds I ordered for the kitchen windows. They look nice. Ran on Thursday (made it another two miles! Go me!) and had a nice walk this morning. Not counting Astro acting like a rabid, Alaskan sled dog fool for the first two miles. Do you still think he remembers the Gentle Leader? If you don't remember it, go here and read about that debacle. Wonder if I should break it out again and see if he remembers? Could be fun!

We have a busy weekend ahead with an Astros game and Book Club at my house on Sunday evening. I have mixed up a big batch of Whiskey Sour Slushes and it is in my freezer already chilling. Yummy summer refreshment and great for reducing the stress level. I am also making Oreo Cookie Cupcakes for dessert. They are so cute and I hope delicious. I will take a picture. It is a Book Club/Wedding celebration for one of our members who is getting married. Should be fun. I did a little crafting for the shower - made an arrangement of kitchen utensils that we are all going to be put restaurant gift cards on. And I also made a little picture with their initials joined by a heart. Sweet. Oh, I need to finish the book. Not done yet. Add it to the list.

On the horizon, we have a couple of trips coming up next month. We are going to the MLB All-Star game in Phoenix and then on a cruise to Alaska. HOLLA! So excited about both, but totally stressed about the timing. Will be plane hopping and luggage slinging fools for sure! It is always busy and a bit stressful trying to get ready for a trip. This is no exception.

It will all get done. It always does. That is on repeat in my head all the dang time lately.

Oh, and I am also helping with a big free yard sale at Lakeside in July. Gathering donations, making signs, getting the Birthday Club set up to kick off with the residents in July?

Did I mention that I work? And that I have been working a TON lately? Must return to PART TIME immediately!

It makes me feel better to type that. Not going to happen in the immediate future, but fingers crossed it will slow down soon.

Well, I hope your weekend is wonderful and that you find some time to relax and feel like you are in summer mode. That is my goal!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Days I LOVE Exercising

Today was one of those days.

Do you want to know why I loved exercising so much today?

Because it wasn't exercising, as much as it was...laughing my face off for an hour.

Here is how the morning unfolded.

Now, me and Martha usually walk/run (more walk than run) most mornings. We decided we wanted to bike at least one day a week to change things up a bit and today was the day to bike. Our friend Sarah decided to join us.

It was a beautiful morning. It FINALLY rained last night. A big giant thunderstorm rolled through and the stale, dusty, Texas earth was just washed clean and the air was cool and felt amazing.

We are all commenting on the beautiful weather and how fun it is to bike. We are all chatting and catching up with each other. We eventually start hearing less from Sarah and we notice that she is pedaling like a demon to keep up. Sarah is fit. She is tiny. She is in WAYYYY better shape than me. But she is struggling. Sweating profusely. The whole nine yards.

We slow down, just taking our time. She keeps saying things like "God, I am so out of shape." "Why am I pedaling so much more than you guys?"

Oh my goodness, I am laughing out loud as I am typing this cause it was just so dang funny.

We get about 3 miles in and she is asking us what gear we are in. We tell her and she tries to switch gears on her bikes to match ours. Nothing is happening. We stop, pull over, all give a try to wrench her gear shift thing to a different gear.

She finally says forget it. I will just keep trying. Or maybe she said "Just leave me for dead."

We would never, ever leave her. So we laughed and she kept riding her no-gear changing bike.

We continue up this giant hill that we call the switch-back and she just barely can make it up that hill. It is a super hard hill to get up with gears on your bike. Not sure how she did it without gears.

We stop for a drink (or shower, if your friend misses your mouth completely and pours water all over your body) at the top of the hill.

I tell her to switch bikes with me. Let me see if I can get the gears to shift.

I climb on her tiny, little bike and immediately say "Your tires are FLAT!!!" No wonder you are not going anywhere fast.

She says "I thought something felt weird."

We are now about 5 miles from our house. Sarah is just about in need of a defibrillator from all the effort she put in to get that bike five miles down the road on flat tires and no gears.

I ride it for a short while. Laughing the whole time because it is damn near impossible to move her bike. Not only are the tires and gears a problem, but it is a tiny bike. You can't extend your legs at all.

Meanwhile, she is on my old lady cruiser bike with the big seat and she is singing with joy "OMG, this bike is amazing! The seat is fantastic! It is so easy to pedal!!! Thank goodness it wasn't me! Faulty equipment is to blame."

So I ride it on the sidewalk and down a great lovely down hill, then Martha says she will take a turn on the no gears, flat tire, tiny circus bike with a hard seat.

Martha is working it out. She is pedaling like she is in training to join Lance Armstrong's team and we are making pretty good progress. It was truly impressive.

Or so we thought.

Then, out of nowhere, a runner passes us. On foot. He was running with his own two feet and he went past us on our bikes like we were standing still.

I yelled after him "Hey, you did not just run past us like we weren't even moving, did you?"

He turned around and gave me a smile.

I gave him the finger. No, not really. I did not give him the finger.

What I did was yell "Well, that's okay cause we just got done riding 50 miles. We are in our cool down."

Stupid runner. Making us feel old.

So, Martha continues on the circus bike. Sarah riding beside her, praising her, gratitude flowing out of her like a river. "You guys are the nicest people ever. Thank you for not making me ride the whole way on my broken down bike. Martha you are amazing. Making it look so easy. I was dying. I was sure I was going to die."

Martha has to get that bike up a steep, long hill. She is hunched over, pedaling like her life depended on. Can't talk. Can't breath. Head down. Total concentration.

She gets to the top of the hill and it is time for Sarah to take it the rest of the way.

Martha through gasps of air says "When is your birthday? How about your anniversary? Please ask for a new bike."

We laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more.

So, Sarah's bike got our heart rates up this morning...BIG TIME. But it also got our laugh on. In a big way. My face hurt when we got back.

It was a disaster. One that will go down in my mind as one of the best exercise days ever. It was kind of like my morning swim in a war zone that I wrote about last year. Read about it here if you haven't seen it yet.

Good times. Great times actually. I can't wait till our next ride.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Boys, Baseball, Bars and Sasquatch

As expected, we spent alot of our weekend at the ballpark. It was awesome!

Showing up at the ballpark early in the morning. Chip is all fresh and chipper!

Looking forward to playing.

He did alot of hitting.

And some good base running.

He scored.

Game face on.

Baseball ready.

Then he hung out at a bar playing pool with the fellas!


Actually, not kidding at all.

This little dive came highly recommended and had some amazing hamburgers.

The decor was a little eclectic (Did you see all the Christmas decorations up in June and what the heck are these animals?) and the air conditioner wasn't working that well, oh and they also only took cash and sodas were served in a can...but the burger...YUMMO! One of the boys Dad's said "I don't want to know what you put in it or what the kitchen looks like...but dang, that was a good burger."

Sometimes it is just better not to know.

After that we went home for a well deserved swim in the pool. And I got stung by a bee. I just need to put that out there. It hurt. I haven't been stung by a bee in a long time. It was in the water and I brushed it away, thinking it was a leaf, and WHAM stinger right in the finger. Hubby thought I was being attacked by a Tiger Shark the way I was beating at the water trying to get that stinger out of my finger. Son of a .....it hurt.

It is still a little swollen and itchy. Don't worry about me. I will be fine. If you want to send a get well card to my finger that would be nice. Can someone start a meal calendar for my family? Since the sting I have really not felt able to cook.

On second thought, I probably wouldn't feel like cooking even if I didn't get stung. Save the meals for someone who really needs them.

Cookies would be nice, though.

I jest. I crack myself up. I am probably alone in the cracking up, but that's okay.

So Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day out at the ballpark for more baseball. Isn't this picture cute of Hubby and Harry sitting together watching Chip at third base?

Harry was such a wonderful brother this weekend. Encouraged Chip at every opportunity. He never complains. Sits out in the heat with us. Watches his brother, cheers for him, keeps score, let's the little kids tag along after him. He is so patient.

This is a really nice group of kids and Chip had a lot of fun playing these tournaments with them. Super nice group of parents, too which means I had a lot of fun hanging out at tournaments with them. It was a win, win!

Their team won both games on Saturday and played three more on Sunday. It was only 105 degrees. And so dang windy.

For those of you who know me well, take a minute to think about my hair. My hair that is crazy thick. Think about being outside with no hat on in 40 mile an hour dirty winds for hours and hours. Hubby called me "Sasquatch" when we finally got in the car. In the wind you couldn't really tell what my hair was doing, but once we sat in the car out of the wind! Holy Cow! My hair was still standing up all over the place like their was 40 mile an hour winds in the car.

Dirty? Disgusting.

Tangled Mess? OMG - it took three conditioner rinses before I could get my fingers through it.


Anyway, enough about me already. Let's get back to baseball. I think they tied for third place out of eighteen teams. Not bad for a league team playing with the select crowd.

That is it for baseball for us. I will miss it. I will not miss the scorching temps and crazy winds.

We wrapped up Father's Day showering Hubby with gifts and taking him out to eat. I cannot wait to show you a picture of him running in his freaky new running shoes.

The week got off to a blazing start with me working nine hours yesterday, had a tiny little meltdown where I was overwhelmed to the point that I almost cried. You don't cry at work, even if your office is in your own house. There is no crying is Subcontract Administration. I was beyond frustrated. It was not good and not getting better, so we packed up and went to see Kung Fu Panda 2. Cute movie!

One more tidbit and then I have got to get to work. Yesterday morning while walking with my girl Martha I told her I hated running and was pretty sure I never wanted to run again.

Do you know what she said?

She said "I will pick you up tomorrow morning and we will drive down to the trail and run a couple of miles. See how it is."

I'm all like "Was I speaking English when I said I never wanted to run again?? Does she need to turn up her hearing aid or something?"

Anyway, there she sat in front of my house this morning and dang if we didn't kick off the day with a 4.7 mile RUN walk this morning. We ran two miles. Haven't run in several weeks so I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't die.

I am ready for Tuesday! BRING IT ON!!!

Hope your day is spectacular!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Plans

Wow! It has been a busy, busy week! I feel like I have really had a rushed and frantic summer so far. I have worked more hours the last three weeks than I have worked any other three weeks this year! Bad timing for my poor kiddos.

My friend Peggy has been on vacation from work this week and has been running my boys all over the place! I have been calling it Camp Peggy. They have been to the movies, to a giant pinball place, bowling, swimming, the exotic pet store. She picks them up about 10:00 or 11:00 and brings them back late in the afternoon. Camp Peggy ROCKS!

I have six proposals that are due by close of business today. That means I will be reviewing them after close of business today. That kind of stinks on a Friday, but at least it is not Saturday. More coffee will be necessary to keep up the pace!

Harry has done two hour long runs in training for Cross Country. That is far.

I have been walking. That cough I had really ran me down. Perhaps running shall be on the agenda for next week!

Chip has a ball tournament this weekend, which will kick off with two games on Saturday. Depending on how they do, they will play again on Sunday.

Sunday is Father's Day! We have some presents for dear old Dad that I hope he will like. I might even make him a Banana Dream Whip Pie if we aren't at the ballpark all the live long day.

I want to paint a couple walls in my family room. It seems like that would not be too hard, but it is always more time intensive than you expect it to be. Pick out and buy the paint, take everything down off the walls, patch the holes, tape off the baseboards....all before you can even get your paint brush wet. Then putting it all back up. I wonder if I could knock that out on Saturday afternoon? We shall see.

I ate some Heath Bar Coffee Ice Cream. It was ridiculously good.

I made Pioneer Woman's Steak Bites for dinner last night and thought for sure the fire alarms were going to go off. Blazing hot pan, butter, steak. There was smoke everywhere. The stove exhaust fan was no match for the hot pan, butter and steak. It just couldn't keep up. I had both boys fanning smoke out the back door with a Monopoly and Sorry board game lids. It was a team effort. Just FYI...smokey, but delicious! Always a hit around here. Both my boys got up from the table and said "Thanks Mom, that was a great dinner." Rare occurence. Must document it.

Well, my work email is dinging like crazy! Proposals must be arriving!

Hope your weekend is off to a terrific start!

P.S. No comments yesterday! Anyone out there?? Hated the remodel?? If you can't say something nice, you aren't going to say anything? Is that what is going on here?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

They Came...They Conquered

Bob and Lana blew into town last Thursday. The boys were counting down the minutes.

SIDE NOTE: Wednesday night Bob called to let me know they were in Shreveport. Said they would be in about 2:30 on Thursday. I was working like a maniac. I had so much going on last week, but 2:30 gave me plenty of time to return some order to the chaos that was my house. At 10:30 they called and said "We left early. We will be at your house about noon." AHH!! The boys and I sprung into action and whipped the house into shape quickly!

The boys waited at the end of the cul-de-sac to spot the white van, driven 910 miles to see them.

Oh yea! They are here! That's them.

Wait! You missed us! Grandpa! Mer!!! It's your grandsons!!

Grandpa tricked them and sped past them down the street. The boys were in hot pursuit.

SIDE NOTE: Remember that I told you Bob was pulled over by a State Park patrol woman in the painted desert last month on their cross country trip to Vegas? He was tailgating the couple they were traveling with at about 20 miles per hour. He got away with a warning. Well he was pulled over again yesterday on their way home. Lana called me just cracking up. This time he was speeding, but also got off with a warning. Prior to these two offenses, he was pulled over some time in 1978 for an inspection violation. It was 33 years since his last violation, but now he is on a roll! Slow down Grandpa!

So anyway, back to the whirlwind. They arrived safe and sound. Mer even beat the casino out of a little money in Shreveport. Hugs all around. We had a quick sandwich and then they said "Where's your list? What are we doing while we are here?"

Within seconds the bathroom drawer with the super wiggly knob was out and being worked on.

Bob was on the floor in the bathroom tightening up a faulty toilet paper holder.

This was child's play for them. I had to give them something more challenging.

Grandpa helped Harry take down the old clunky blinds on the back door. Drills were called for. Screwdrivers. Other tool like items and stuff. Lots of stuff everywhere.

Then my kitchen started looking like this.

The knob need a new washer so we loaded up the car and all headed to Lowe's for the first trip. We went back to Lowe's at least six more times during the course of their visit. They were only here for five days.

While at Lowe's, I purchased a drum light I have been drooling over at Lowe's for a while now. Bob took down the old light over the kitchen table and put up the new one.

YUM! Love it. If you like the old light better, please keep your comments to yourself. My husband and children have been relentless in their hatred of this fabulous new light. I do not need any further slamming of my decorating tastes from elsewhere.

My kitchen table, which was purchased secondhand by my parents in the 1960's was in dire need of a new paint job. I had painted it about 12 years ago and it was all chipped and grungy. It was beyond time for a facelift.

The new light was just the inspiration I needed to make some changes.

So we sanded. And then we sanded some more. Then we sanded just a bit more. And then sanded for a little while longer. It was really fun sanding the spindles on the chairs. There were so many of them. Plenty of fun for everyone. It also used up tons of sandpaper too!

While I went to Sherwin Williams several times with my samples, Grandpa put Chip in charge of power washing the front porch area. He did a great job.

The table was finally sanded enough and it was time to bring that baby in the house and put some new paint on it. As soon as Grandpa picked up his end of the table to carry it through the door, this little lizard fellow ran down his arm. Lizards running down your arm is not so good for your heart. Or for your foot if you drop the table on it. Grandpa remained calm and the little fellow scurried off. He's a champ that way.

Then the painting started.

I had picked out a nice grey paint for the legs. A nice sharp white for the top and the chairs. I loved the colors

I made sure to ask the guy at Sherwin Williams lots of questions about the paint. I wanted to make sure it would cover the old oil based paint on my table. The very same paint had covered my kitchen cabinets beautifully and I was sure it would do great on the kitchen table as well.

Grandpa started painting the legs. He got one good coat on it and then it was time to quit.

It was getting late so we shut down the home improvements and had some dinner.

SIDENOTE: Pioneer Woman's Lasagna was delicious. Easy to make and scrumptious! I will definitely make it again.

After dinner, we were lounging in the den and when I looked into the kitchen the table legs looked blue.

Not just any blue.

Country blue.

Remember the 80's and Duck wallpaper and those big giant Duck Cookie Jars?

That kind of Country blue.


Me: Dad, I hate to even say this, but that grey color looks blue on the legs. It is way off. Not at all the look I was going for.

Dad: That's okay. Go get another color you like tomorrow and we will repaint it. Sometimes you can't tell how it is going to look when all you have is a little chip of paint.

SIDENOTE: If it had been me, I would not have responded so nicely. Just saying.

So in the morning, I head back on over to Sherwin Williams in search of a darker grey. I have such angst about picking the wrong color that I make another round trip home so I can bring the paint samples into my kitchen and see them in that environment. I laid them all over the kitchen and finally decide on Sealskin. It is super dark to the point of being pretty darn close to black.

I totally don't want light grey that looks like blue so now I am swinging wildly the other way.

Bob starts painting again. Um...does this look dark grey almost to the point of being black?

Or does this look green? It is most definitely green.

Bob keeps saying "Was someone else in the store with you? Did they mix up the paint cans or something?"

While the paint is drying we try to hang up the fancy, smancy, super cheap curtain rod contraption we got at IKEA. It is a wire. We were confused as to how it would work.

We are easily confused so this was not at all alarming.

We fooled around with and finally figured it out. It was genius actually. Not us, but whoever designed the fancy, smancy, super cheap contraption.

Meanwhile, Lana seems to be missing from some of these photos. No fear. I had her hand-cuffed to her sewing machine under piles and piles of fabric.

She wasn't really hand-cuffed. I just threatened to taser her if she got up.

Just kidding. Seriously, she was free to roam around the house as she wanted to. But she did spend alot of time here working her magic.

The next morning, while having coffee at the newly sanded and painted table, we discovered a problem.

A big problem.


Worst problem ever.

The paint was coming off.

Big time.

Son of a *(#&$!!!! That stupid (*&^ at SW said this paint would work.

That is me. Not Bob.

Do you know what Bob said? He said "I'm not surprised. Something was bound to go wrong."

You can see that we are super confident in our home repair abilities around here. We are also super persistent, so off I trotted to Lowe's to buy oil based paint.

We peeled and sanded and scrapped and washed and peeled and sanded and scrapped and washed all the paint we had just put on the day before.
It was depressing.

Except it was also funny.

In a very depressing kind of way.

Well nothing else had gone wrong so we were staying positive.

And then.....

I walked into the house covered with dust and saw this.

Me: "What's the matter, Mom?"

Mom: "These panels aren't the same length. I measured. I double checked. I measured again. I cut. They don't match. I just don't know what happened."

SIDENOTE: I would have said Son of a *^%*(! I measured these *&^% panels three times to make sure they were right. What the &(%$ is going on?"

We figured out how to fix the variances and Mer carried on with her sewing.

In the meantime, Bob put a nice thick coat of oil based paint on the table and it looked awesome!

Did I mention that while at Lowe's we also picked up a new insert for our backdoor that has the mini-blind inside the glass. Mom had seen it in a friends house and when she described it to me I knew it was the perfect fix for us. We took down the heavy banging blinds that were on our door.

While we were at Lowe's Dad said, you should get a new doorknob for that door. It won't take but a second to put it on.

It took about 2,700 seconds, but we got her installed.

There was also a giant clock installed in the family room. Hubby did that.

See the new door knob. Works great. Also note the old yellow window covering because that is going away!

Also, in the meantime I decided to paint a stencil on the back of the chairs and a stripe around the top of the table. It required another quart of paint.

My kitchen island looked like this.

Seriously good progress is being made on the curtains.

Peek at the chair stencil. The first one I did, the paint went all under the stencil and it looked terrible. Sand the chair, repaint it, wait for it to dry so we could try again.


The best improvement of all was that window.

It was by far, the easiest project of the week. Unscrew the screws, pop the old one out. Put the new one in, tighten down the screws. Done.

That was too easy.

We assumed we would turn around and it was fall out on the kitchen floor or back patio. It hasn't yet.

Look, we have done everything on the list.

It was a long list. I didn't even show you pictures of Bob repairing the three sets of curtain rods in the family room, or the touch up painting of the kitchen cabinets, or the new doorknob on the pantry door.
On the final day, my kitchen island looked like this.

My parents looked like this.

Bob worked hard. His only reward was one cold Miller Lite a night.

Lana worked hard. I let her play her Words With Friends for a little while. She was too exhausted to enjoy it and just fell asleep.

But, oh la la, do I love my little breakfast area.

Aren't the curtains so pretty. I love them. She is a terrific seamstress.

And check out the paint job on the table. I love it.

So happy that my parents are so willing and able to work on projects like this with me. I would never, ever tackle somethign like this on my own.

Here it is again, with the beautiful new back door.

Love it.

I love even more that every single room in my house has something in it that my parents have helped me with. I am so appreciative and hope they know how much I adore them.

I have other stories to share with you....like I almost killed myself with an overdose (not really), I was sick with a nagging cough the whole time they were here (nagging is the understatement of the year!), I went to the Farmer's Market and got a HoneyDew that smelled like poop (isn't that disgusting!)....

I have missed blogging and hope to get back to a routine now that things have settled down. I hope I still have a few readers. Let me hear from you, friends!

For now, I am going to hit the "Publish Post" button and quit trying to figure out why the spacing is so off on this blog. Then I am going to sit and my new kitchen table and go to sleep!