Monday, June 20, 2011

Boys, Baseball, Bars and Sasquatch

As expected, we spent alot of our weekend at the ballpark. It was awesome!

Showing up at the ballpark early in the morning. Chip is all fresh and chipper!

Looking forward to playing.

He did alot of hitting.

And some good base running.

He scored.

Game face on.

Baseball ready.

Then he hung out at a bar playing pool with the fellas!


Actually, not kidding at all.

This little dive came highly recommended and had some amazing hamburgers.

The decor was a little eclectic (Did you see all the Christmas decorations up in June and what the heck are these animals?) and the air conditioner wasn't working that well, oh and they also only took cash and sodas were served in a can...but the burger...YUMMO! One of the boys Dad's said "I don't want to know what you put in it or what the kitchen looks like...but dang, that was a good burger."

Sometimes it is just better not to know.

After that we went home for a well deserved swim in the pool. And I got stung by a bee. I just need to put that out there. It hurt. I haven't been stung by a bee in a long time. It was in the water and I brushed it away, thinking it was a leaf, and WHAM stinger right in the finger. Hubby thought I was being attacked by a Tiger Shark the way I was beating at the water trying to get that stinger out of my finger. Son of a hurt.

It is still a little swollen and itchy. Don't worry about me. I will be fine. If you want to send a get well card to my finger that would be nice. Can someone start a meal calendar for my family? Since the sting I have really not felt able to cook.

On second thought, I probably wouldn't feel like cooking even if I didn't get stung. Save the meals for someone who really needs them.

Cookies would be nice, though.

I jest. I crack myself up. I am probably alone in the cracking up, but that's okay.

So Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day out at the ballpark for more baseball. Isn't this picture cute of Hubby and Harry sitting together watching Chip at third base?

Harry was such a wonderful brother this weekend. Encouraged Chip at every opportunity. He never complains. Sits out in the heat with us. Watches his brother, cheers for him, keeps score, let's the little kids tag along after him. He is so patient.

This is a really nice group of kids and Chip had a lot of fun playing these tournaments with them. Super nice group of parents, too which means I had a lot of fun hanging out at tournaments with them. It was a win, win!

Their team won both games on Saturday and played three more on Sunday. It was only 105 degrees. And so dang windy.

For those of you who know me well, take a minute to think about my hair. My hair that is crazy thick. Think about being outside with no hat on in 40 mile an hour dirty winds for hours and hours. Hubby called me "Sasquatch" when we finally got in the car. In the wind you couldn't really tell what my hair was doing, but once we sat in the car out of the wind! Holy Cow! My hair was still standing up all over the place like their was 40 mile an hour winds in the car.

Dirty? Disgusting.

Tangled Mess? OMG - it took three conditioner rinses before I could get my fingers through it.


Anyway, enough about me already. Let's get back to baseball. I think they tied for third place out of eighteen teams. Not bad for a league team playing with the select crowd.

That is it for baseball for us. I will miss it. I will not miss the scorching temps and crazy winds.

We wrapped up Father's Day showering Hubby with gifts and taking him out to eat. I cannot wait to show you a picture of him running in his freaky new running shoes.

The week got off to a blazing start with me working nine hours yesterday, had a tiny little meltdown where I was overwhelmed to the point that I almost cried. You don't cry at work, even if your office is in your own house. There is no crying is Subcontract Administration. I was beyond frustrated. It was not good and not getting better, so we packed up and went to see Kung Fu Panda 2. Cute movie!

One more tidbit and then I have got to get to work. Yesterday morning while walking with my girl Martha I told her I hated running and was pretty sure I never wanted to run again.

Do you know what she said?

She said "I will pick you up tomorrow morning and we will drive down to the trail and run a couple of miles. See how it is."

I'm all like "Was I speaking English when I said I never wanted to run again?? Does she need to turn up her hearing aid or something?"

Anyway, there she sat in front of my house this morning and dang if we didn't kick off the day with a 4.7 mile RUN walk this morning. We ran two miles. Haven't run in several weeks so I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't die.

I am ready for Tuesday! BRING IT ON!!!

Hope your day is spectacular!


  1. You are not supposed to like running. People who like running are CRAZY and should be medicated. Hate running = NOT crazy. Feel better?

    If I could cook, I would totally bring you dinner. Trust me when I say the bigger favor is me NOT bringing you dinner.

  2. Sandy - This just cracked me up! I'm normal? Thank goodness! What really made me laugh is the dinner comment! I miss you! We must get together soon!!!