Friday, June 24, 2011

Coming Up for Air

After Wednesday's epic bike ride, things have been moving along pretty well.

A little better in fact.

That proposal I have been working on nine hours a day, every day, was extended. We are not supposed to let that extension affect the frantic manic schedule we are keeping, but it always does. Whew. I needed a breather. Still lots to do, but more time to get it done.

Now that I have come up for air, let's see what else is going on around here.

Harry met the cross-country team at a local middle school to do hill work last night. Hill work sounds awful, doesn't it? It was a big hill, too. I saw it. Running is hard on a flat surface. Running up a hill is practically torture. And if you could see the gentle inclines that I call "hills" it would astound you. You may not be able to tell it is a hill if you are in a car, but start running and you immediately can tell where there is a change in incline. I have girlfriends who love running up hills. Says it makes them feel like they are really working hard and building muscles. All I ever think while going up a hill is "OMG, this is a hill. Must stop immediately. Heart is going to explode. I'm dying. Lungs are collapsing. Help me!!!" Seriously, this is the dialog going on in my head. It's no surprise that I am a terrible runner. But I am persistent, so I will keep trying.

Harry did fine. He said it was hard, but he did not throw up and he did not quit, so winner, winner, chicken dinner! So proud of him.

Laundry is almost caught up. I got to the grocery store so we finally have food. I mailed some terribly delinquent Father's Day cards (sorry Bob!) I finally hung the new blinds I ordered for the kitchen windows. They look nice. Ran on Thursday (made it another two miles! Go me!) and had a nice walk this morning. Not counting Astro acting like a rabid, Alaskan sled dog fool for the first two miles. Do you still think he remembers the Gentle Leader? If you don't remember it, go here and read about that debacle. Wonder if I should break it out again and see if he remembers? Could be fun!

We have a busy weekend ahead with an Astros game and Book Club at my house on Sunday evening. I have mixed up a big batch of Whiskey Sour Slushes and it is in my freezer already chilling. Yummy summer refreshment and great for reducing the stress level. I am also making Oreo Cookie Cupcakes for dessert. They are so cute and I hope delicious. I will take a picture. It is a Book Club/Wedding celebration for one of our members who is getting married. Should be fun. I did a little crafting for the shower - made an arrangement of kitchen utensils that we are all going to be put restaurant gift cards on. And I also made a little picture with their initials joined by a heart. Sweet. Oh, I need to finish the book. Not done yet. Add it to the list.

On the horizon, we have a couple of trips coming up next month. We are going to the MLB All-Star game in Phoenix and then on a cruise to Alaska. HOLLA! So excited about both, but totally stressed about the timing. Will be plane hopping and luggage slinging fools for sure! It is always busy and a bit stressful trying to get ready for a trip. This is no exception.

It will all get done. It always does. That is on repeat in my head all the dang time lately.

Oh, and I am also helping with a big free yard sale at Lakeside in July. Gathering donations, making signs, getting the Birthday Club set up to kick off with the residents in July?

Did I mention that I work? And that I have been working a TON lately? Must return to PART TIME immediately!

It makes me feel better to type that. Not going to happen in the immediate future, but fingers crossed it will slow down soon.

Well, I hope your weekend is wonderful and that you find some time to relax and feel like you are in summer mode. That is my goal!


  1. I'm with you. Running up Falcon towards Wyoming Springs and up Spring Hollow from the Oaklands? Major hills. Who knew we were right smack in the middle of the hill country?

    I have always considered myself a terrible biker. So not a biker. But now thanks to you, I realize it's not me, IT'S MY BIKE! That's the story I'm going with from now on anyway. Even if I have to deliberately flatten the tires myself.

  2. And when I said "running"? I meant jogging. Or maybe a funny looking fast-ish, jerky walk. Thought I better clarify before someone who has seen me "run" takes umbrage with my libral use of the word!