Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Houston Recap

Again, with the work.

I'm busy.

Nine and ten hour days.

I bore myself with all this work talk.

Let's recap our weekend in Houston while I still have a few brain cells left.

Kicked it off eating at a place called Fajita Willie's. Super yummy.

Arrived in Houston. Traffic wasn't terrible for Friday afternoon.

We passed this big statue, which makes me laugh.

We arrived at the Inn at the Ballpark which is one of our all time favorite hotels.

Inside the lobby.

Right across the street from the ballpark.

The big boys went to a memorabilia show.

Harry got Evan Longoria's autograph on a jersey.

Daddy got Carlton Fisk's autograph on a Fenway Park seat back.

Happy collectors.

This was Chip's face when I told him we were going to the Art Museum.

Doesn't he look happy? I told you there was a little resistance, right?

We arrive at our destination.

Boys seem happy enough at the ticket booth.

Walked on some big photos. Thought it looked promising.

Then we got to the real art.

Hmmm. Huh? Hmmm. Huh?

Hmmm. Huh? Hmmm. Huh?

Hmmm. Huh? Hmmm. Huh?

GET US OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we went to an Astros game.

Real smiles.

Harry caught a ball during batting practice and let Chip have it. I love this picture of Chip's little hand with this ball. I took 78 pictures of it, but this one was my favorite.

Chip entertaining himself with his necklace.

The short sweet walk across the street to the hotel. A good night's sleep for all and back to reality.

It was a fun weekend.

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  1. 9 and 10 hour days? Seriously, let's talk about the definition of PART-TIME.